Google collects data

Google collects enormous data about you – Is there anything you can do about it?

Most of us use Google every single day to search for any to everything. The fact that Google has access to a lot of our data is because it stores whatever data we search for. Eventually, you will realize that the amount of data Google has on you can be overwhelming. 

From Youtube, which most of us use to watch videos, to Google Maps, which we use to know the roads, it also records where you have been and for how long. All of this combines, Google has a pretty detailed record of most of us. 

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There is much debate about privacy in this digital world. Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, and others have often faced heavy backlash for their policies, which hinders the user’s policy. But is it a compromise that we have to live within this digital world? The answer is a little clouded. But, don’t worry, here’s what you can do about it. 

Youtube Search and History –  

The most popular video-sharing platform, Youtube is one of the few apps to surpass a billion downloads mark. Perhaps, all the data that Google collects about you, the one collected through Youtube, is probably the most sound. 

In fact, allowing Google to collect your Youtube watching data helps the Algorithm to bring you the right content based on your previously watched videos and interest. 

But as a user, you do have the choice to delete the collected data in two ways. You can either do it manually, where you delete all the data. Or another effective way is to choose a timeline, say 3 months, 6 months, and 18 months. I would recommend choosing 3 months as it also seems like the right amount of time and data for Google Algorithm to suggest videos based on your interest and likings. So if you select 3 months, Youtube will delete all the collected data more than 3 months old. 

Tracking your online activity –

Google Account is the hub where you can explore all about your account. Under it, you will see a section of data and personalization. You check the mammoth of data that Google has on you. You will also see various Google apps linked. You can either let them continue or disable their access based on your preference. 

Google collects data

It’s not hidden that Google saves our day-to-day history and also tracks our online activity. But if you want, just like Youtube, you can also set a timeline to delete the data in a span of three to eighteen months, or you can also delete all the data manually. Since it’s related to the search engine and online activity, it will hardly make any difference to your experience. 

Access Google’s record of your location history

As a user, one probably wouldn’t mind if Google knows what games you play online, what kind of articles you read, or how much time you spend watching food vlogs. But if I tell you that, If you’re a Google Maps user, Google knows your day-to-day movements, and it can precisely pinpoint where you were weeks ago and for how long, that sounds a bit overwhelming, right? 

Thankfully, you have the option to alter this too. Just like your online activity and Youtube history, you can also delete your location data manually or set a timer to delete the data automatically. 

Conclusion –

There’s no doubt about the fact that Google has brought several positive changes to our life. It has made our lives easier in so many ways. But as they say, everything has pros and cons. The fact that Google collects data is definitely a con and one we can’t ignore. But thankfully, by being aware and moderating it, you can have as much control as possible.