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Google employees unhappy with pay, promotions and execution
The revelation was made from survey results conducted in January 2022

Google pay compensation receives poor marks on “Googlegeist” survey
Source: Business Insider

A revelation about Google‘s workforce has showed their extreme dissatisfaction with key issues. As the company gears up to bring back all employees to the office, the employees appear rather unhappy. They seem to be unhappy with factors such as compensation and ability to reach their career goals.

From Google’s annual employee survey, “Googlegeist,” the company discovered the grievances of their workforce. The report revealed the increasing number of staffers not viewing their pay packages as fair. They don’t seem to find it competitive with what they could possibly earn in a similar position at another organisation. The employees even questioned the ability of their employees to execute.

The surveys were conducted in the month of January and released to the workers the previous week. The lowest scores were evidently in compensation and execution throughout the board. On the other hand, the highest scores were seen in the mission and values of the company. Google’s Chief Executive, Sundar Pichai stated how this survey is crucial for the company to assess its employees’ attitude.

With numerous people quitting their jobs in the country, keeping tracking of the employee’s feelings is important for Google. The company aims to retain and prevent these workers from exploring other opportunities. Moreover, Google is aiming to bring back most of its workforce back to the office but mostly in the hybrid mode.

Dissatisfaction with promotions:

Out of its entire workforce, only 46% of the respondents found their compensation competitive in comparison to similar positions elsewhere. A fairly higher figure of 56% considered their pay “equitable and fair.” 64% of them said their pay appropriately suited their performance. However, these numbers were significantly down from last year.

Google spokesperson said in a statement. “That’s why we’ve always provided top of market compensation across salary, equity, leave, and a suite of benefits. Getting employee feedback is important, and we’ll continue to ensure we pay competitively everywhere our employees work and help them grow their careers at Google.” 

Google executives have been compelled to look into the matter of pay in the recent past. However, the company did not introduce any blanket raise despite the concern of rising inflation. Contrastingly, the executives have got pay bumps with the rise in revenue last year.

The report also presented the employees’ views towards the executives of the company. Executive Pichai got a fairly favourable rating of 86%, along with 74% considering him to be a source of inspiration. 3/5th of the employees seemed satisfied with meeting their career goals. Other than that, they appeared satisfied with the company’s mission (90%) and the products of Google.