Google Takes Next Step In Virtual Reality, Launches WebVR Experiments

google launches webvr experiments

Virtual Reality has become a part of daily life. You can see them almost everywhere, right from real estates, online shopping to even wedding moments. In an effort to bring VR to all, Google launches WebVR Experiments for developers to quickly create and share VR experiments with everyone.

Unlike the launch in February, where WebVR was exclusive for Chrome on Day Dream ready phones, the latest WebVR Experiments is open to anyone with an Android phone and Google Cardboard.

The latest update lets users play ping pong with a friend, explore the world with your voice among other interesting experiments with virtual reality.

“In addition to the experiments, developers can find resources and open source code to help get started building in WebVR. If you build something cool, submit it to be featured in the gallery” stated Jonas Jongejan, Creative Technologist at Google Creative Lab.

If users do not have a Google cardboard, they can also play using Desktop or 2D screens. The support for other VR devices will soon be available.

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