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Google One ads a mid-ranged 5TB storage tier

Google One

Source: TechCrunch

Google, the search engine company is bringing some great features to its customers and just recently it has updated its Google One Cloud Storage, bringing immense relief to its users.

Yes, Google One already has some amazing storage options that start from USD 10 a month for 2TB cloud storage, going up to 10TB storage for USD 50 per month. The point of inconvenience comes when you get to know that there is no option in between. Google does not offer any storage tier in between, so you are either paying 10 dollars or 50 dollars a month for the minimum to highest storage options. Well, not anymore.

Users who rely heavily on the Google One cloud storage option must celebrate the fact that the search engine company has recently introduced a new middle-ranged storage tier, costing just USD 25 per month. Google has begun offering a 5TB storage plan for USD 25 per month i.e., USD 250 per year which is honestly a relief for most users.

Paying half the money for half the storage is pretty manageable. If 2TB wasn’t enough for you and 10TB was too much for you, you would still end up buying 10TB for USD 50 per month but with this latest addition of 5TB, this would probably become the company’s best-selling storage plan.

Very interestingly noted by Engadget, the introduction of this storage option has been strategically planned, and we know this because it comes right after Google ended its Photos’ free unlimited storage early this year. So, for anyone who relied heavily on backing up GBs and TBs of their images and videos on Google Photos, Google One comes to the rescue with the perfect storage plan of 5TB worth USD 25 per month.

Anyhow, if 2TB is less for you and 10TB is too much for you, you would organically shift towards the new 5TB storage option, right? Well, that is okay if you do not have too much data on your hands to back up, but there is definitely a thing called ‘futureproofing’ to be kept in mind when deciding your perfect storage option. If today you have, say, 3TB of photos and videos to be backed up, within a year, you would have 6-7TB of data to be backed up, so wouldn’t having 10TB at the very start be futureproofing?

I would still stick with 5TB for the time being, what about you? Do let us know what you think because your opinions are the voice of TechStory.



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