Google Pixel 6a selling for Rs. 22,000 off for this Flipkart Sale
Google Pixel 6a selling for Rs. 22,000 off for this Flipkart Sale Image Credits: CNET France

Google Pixel 6a selling for Rs. 22,000 off for this Flipkart Sale
You can get in hands with the new Google Pixel 6a smartphone for a massive disocunt of upto Rs. 22,000 for this Flipkart Sale:

If you enjoy using smartphones, in particular, you may have been considering purchasing a new flagship phone for this year. Then, here is a piece of thrilling new news on the most recent drop in price on the Google Pixel 6a smartphone, so you’re covered. According to the most recent sources, the e-commerce juggernaut Flipkart is genuinely offering to offer a significant price reduction of up to Rs. 22,000 during the current Flipkart Sale.

Before moving on to the pricing and feature sides? In 2023, you must be debating whether to get a Google Pixel 6a smartphone. We have also provided the answer to this question here.

Google Pixel 6a – Flipkart promising price slash of up to Rs. 22,000

To remind you of the pricing of the new budget flagship from Google, the Pixel 6a smartphone was launched for a premium pricing of Rs. 43,999. However, thanks to the sale from Flipkart, here the e-commerce giant has provided an overall discount worth Rs. 9,800 which brings the pricing from Rs. 43,999 down to Rs. 34,199.

To get more discounts on this budget flagship, then as a piece of good news, you can also avail of extra discounts on HDFC Debit as well as Credit cards where an extra discount worth Rs. 1,000 is being provided.

So, how you can get an overall discount worth Rs. 22,000 on the Google Pixel 6a smartphone? As of now, the smartphone can get additional discounts by combining the initial price slash, bank discounts, and also exchange offers.

We have mentioned about the initial discount and bank discount you can avail of for this sale, but what about the exchange offers? So, the e-commerce giant, Flipkart is actually offering a great discount on exchanging your older phone. However, the exchange pricing will be highly dependent on the models as well as the condition of the phone.

If you are fortunate enough to receive a peak exchange rate along with the original price cut and bank discount, you will be able to benefit from an overall price cut of Rs. 22,000, bringing the cost down from Rs. 43,999 to Rs. 21,000. In actuality, this reduces the price by 50%.

Is it worth getting Google Pixel 6a in 2023?

There are currently a lot of new flagship phones that are anticipated to be released shortly. In reality, Google itself intends to introduce the Google Pixel 7a smartphone as the next iteration. However, if we look at the smartphone’s specifications, we can see that it has a larger 6.1-inch display with a maximum resolution of 1080×2400 pixels, as well as support for HDR, Corning Gorilla Glass 3, and an OLED panel.

The smartphone is equipped with a newly developed Google Tensor processor, and its backside features a dual camera system with a 12.2MP primary sensor and a 12MP ultrawide angle sensor. Then, a larger battery with a capacity of 4410 mAh as well as somewhat quicker charging will be added.

We’ll get back to your inquiry now Does purchasing a Google Pixel 6a in 2023 make sense? Well, given that the smartphone has all the luxury features and that you can get a nice price reduction that lowers the cost to even less than Rs. 22,000, we can say that this is a new smartphone that you should certainly think about purchasing.