Google planning to launch their own AI Chatbot to rival ChatGPT
Google planning to launch their own AI Chatbot to rival ChatGPT

Google planning to launch their own AI Chatbot to rival ChatGPT
Technology giant, Google will be launching their own new AI Chatbot to rival against ChatGPT

Google is planning to launch its own new AI Chatbot named, Apprentice Bard which will be launched as the strong rival against ChatGPT. If you have been following the leaks, you might have seen the new AI chatbot, ChatGPT gaining a lot of traction and attention through social media. And guess what? AI Chatbot, ChatGPT gained a lot of popularity after its release and now the AI platform has seen an increasing number of users from thousands all the way to millions.

The corporation that has seen a significant influence throughout this period of the platform’s rising prominence is none other than Google. You must be asking at this point what impact ChatGPT’s introduction has had on Google.

It’s easy! What would you do if you needed a response to your question before ChatGPT? was introduced? Go to Google Search and enter your question; after the results are returned, you can simply use the various websites that are given as references.

However, once ChatGPT was released, it performed the same functions as Google’s Search Engine, but ChatGPT was able to deliver better and more accurate responses without the need for additional research or tab-opening, which was highly useful for users to save time and obtain the right information.

This new platform gained so much clout that Microsoft, a well-known IT behemoth, actually expressed interest in supporting it by announcing a substantial $69 billion investment. However, to compete with ChatGPT’s popularity, the tech behemoth Google will soon release a new AI ChatBot that will provide the same functionality as ChatGPT. It now begs the issue of whether Google will be able to compete effectively with ChatGPT. Here, you will find all the information you require:

Google AI ChatBot to soon launch confirms Alphabet’s CEO

We have confirmation from Google’s parent company’s CEO, Sundar Pichai who has said that soon we can expect a new AI Chatbot from Google. He was appearing to claim that the usage of AI has reached to an infection point and feels that Google has a great position when it comes to building new products under the Artificial Intelligence platforms.

Talking more about the development of the AI platform, the CEO of the company was seen talking about how the company has finally developed its new LaMDA and PaLM platforms which will be working in integration towards providing better and more accurate results to the users in form as a ChatBot.

What will be the name of this new Google AI ChatBot?

As per the latest report from CNBC, it’s been said that Google is thinking to name its upcoming AI ChatBot “Apprentice Bard” which will be using the latest LaMDA technology for it’ working.

Pichai stated, “In the next few weeks and months, we’ll making various language frameworks public, commencing with LaMDA such that users can directly engage with languages,” throughout a conference call with Alphabet’s investors.

Google is anticipated to incorporate chatbot technology, thus according to Pichai. Inside the near future, he said, “users will have the opportunity to engage directly using our newest, most powerful language models as a partner to search in experimental and novel ways.”