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This year in July, speculations were floating around the industry that Google was planning to integrate its G Suite’s applications with Gmail. The integration involved Google Meet, Docs and Chats to join Gmail for user convenience. Soon after these rumours, there was actual confirmation by the search engine company that integration is available for G Suite users as early access.

This time, Google has outdone itself in terms of rebranding by completely revamping the aesthetics of the G Suite as Google Workspace. There are new features and new icons for all G Suite applications- Gmail, Docs, Meet, Calendar, Drive etc.

credits: https://rb.gy/iykfmt

According to sources, Google has taken this decision to provide the users with an all-in-one Google Workspace experience with all essential G Suite applications available in one prime location.

This integration will prove to be extremely useful for all users in terms of convenience and ease of sharing information.

The users will now be able to communicate and collaborate with guests and participants in a chat room, share relevant content and work in togetherness as effective communication within or outside the organisation which ensures that each and every person has the same information for effective functioning at increased efficiency.


The tech company also introduced a couple of other features including @mentions in documents that creates a contact tag with the person’s details. Another feature is the introduction of file previews for Google Docs, Slides and Sheets.

Currently, only premium G Suite users are availing this experience with new logos and platform rebranding, but Google will soon roll this feature out for everyone to use. Furthermore, Picture-in-picture has proved to be a very useful feature and Google will soon add this feature to the Google Meet platform with support to use Docs, Slides and Sheets. This feature will also be available in the upcoming months.

Google has not only updated the new deep integration feature on its G Suite platform, it has also completely redesigned and rebranded the platform’s identity. Google says that these new features and new branded reflects their vision for the coming years and shows that their products work together as one. This rebranding involves new four-colour icons for Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Meet, Sheets, Slides and Docs. The icons look aesthetic and show the integration that the company has adopted in all its products.

Nevertheless, Google is doing great with the platform and has announced to provide more tailored offerings for the new upcoming Google Workspace.




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