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Google Looks To Enhance User Experience With Storyline Patent

Google storyline experience

Google has patented a new storyline technology to enhance the overall user experience by providing information in a timeline format. The technology is better, faster and more efficient way to tell the people what’s happening with you currently and also to know about other people which has become the fundamentals of a social media.

Why this technology?

The need for this technology comes from the fact that the people want to remain in contact with the others whom they love and care about. They want to share their happy moments with someone they care about and also want to be the part of someone happy moment.

People use the Internet to connect to and share information with other people. There are many social networks which include the content sharing feature that allows the users to upload, view, and share content such as video, image or even audio.

It allows the other users to comment on the shared content, discover new content, locate updates, share their own content or to otherwise interact with the provided content. The shared content could include the content could contain movie clips, TV clips or music videos.

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How does this technology work?

The storyline could be the collection of many items like video clips that have a common theme. The storyline could also be a collection of video clips reflecting the different interest’s of the user, or video clips focusing on different presentations during a conference attended by a user or highlights of any sporting event attended by the user.

Currently, there is no convenient method for capturing and sharing the video with someone. Even if the method exists, it is not that much convenient as capturing and sharing a video requires many steps such as opening the camera, selecting the video mode, recording the video, stopping the recording and finally uploading the recorded video to the social media platform and then sharing the video.

In addition to this, the videos captured by smartphones are usually too long which makes it hard to share in real-time.

Google storyline experience


The storyline application allows the user to capture the short videos as part of the storyline and to share the contents of these storylines. The user could create a new storyline at any time or add new video clips to an existing storyline at any time.

The new video clip could be captured by clicking the record button. The storyline could contain an unlimited number of video clips and the user could also set the time from which the video has to be played. The clips from the storyline could be played sequentially based on the time they were added.

The users could allow their storylines to be viewed by other users who they follow. When a follower checks the updates for the storylines being followed, the new video clips which have been recently added are displayed first.

The storyline could have the single person who could create the storyline and add video clips to the storyline which can be viewed by the followers of that user. But, there is also an option that the storyline could be the collaborative story with multiple people.

The new technology could be developed as an app for the mobile device so that a large number of people could use it easily. The will also give a new way of sharing the images and emotion with the other people.

What’s next?

The thing for Google will be to implement this technology. They will have to decide in what form are they going to release this technology. They might release it in the form of the app or they could add it to their previous apps like Hangouts or any other app.

They will also face a tough competition from like of Facebook who is also working on the similar technology. Now, we will have to wait and see how the Google goes about their technology.

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