GPT-4 created a playable version of Pong in under 60 seconds

Although GPT-4 has only been available for one day, users are already becoming more familiar with its capabilities. According to one user, the bot built a playable version of Pong from scratch in under 60 seconds. The most recent AI model from OpenAI, the research team that created ChatGPT, is GPT-4. It is a Large Language Model (LLM) that was trained on data up to 2021 and is capable of understanding prompts and giving natural-language responses to them. But only ChatGPT Plus members have access to it for now. The technology is already utilised to power services like Microsoft’s Bing Chat. After experimenting with it for a day, users have learned that the potent tool can produce completely functional game code.

A Twitter member claimed that he got GPT-4 to produce a playable version of Pong in less than 60 seconds. He didn’t have to say much to make that happen. The user instructed the bot to construct a “Pong-like game,” and it immediately produced some simple HTML and JavaScript as an example. Without the scoreboard, that code generated an entirely functional version of Pong.

Check out the video shared by the Twitter user, who created game using GPT-4

Several games have also been produced by GPT-4 up to this point. Schirano used similar methods to obtain a functioning copy of Breakout and a crude clone of Asteroids. AI-made versions of Snake, Connect 4, and others have been distributed in other games.

Credits: Pro Chat GPT

Although remarkable, the achievement intensifies discussions over AI’s possible contribution to game creation. A ChatGPT user got the bot to create the “original” puzzle game Sumplete earlier this month. Several versions of Sumplete already exist, which led Digital Trends to wonder how it “invented” the game. More concerningly, by requesting ChatGPT to create a game with the same name, we could force it to “plagiarise” its code for Sumplete.

The new update of Chat GPT is only available for subscribers

The potential of GPT-4 to reproduce previous games might lead to the AI model going down a dangerous path in the future. When can it generate code for games like Super Mario Bros, which are more complex? Might that eventually cause OpenAI legal issues? We might learn soon, given the speed at which technology is developing.

Users must, however, pay $20 a month for ChatGPT Plus to gain access to the premium features of GPT-4. There is now a limit of 100 messages per four hours for GPT-4.