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Gucci Xbox Series X Is Selling For $10,000

Luxury Italian fashion house Gucci has unveiled a limited edition Xbox Series X that will retail for $ 10,000. It is currently available on Gucci’s official website and will be available on November 17 for a price of $ 10,000. it Includes a Gucci console, two wireless controllers, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and a Gucci carrying case. The $ 10,000 “Xbox by Gucci” combo will be a limited edition of 100 Xbox Series X consoles, it will launch November 17th and be available only in select stores.

Gucci Xbox Series X

Credit @ Gucci

It only costs $10,000 but includes Xbox Ultimate Game Pass. Gucci will provide the Xbox Series X version with a unique and stylish design on its website on November 17. However, the outstanding thing about Xbox Series X is that you can keep the console in good condition, which will come with every purchase, and it references Gucci’s pedigree with its stylish design.

For that $ 10,000, you get a laser-engraved number console, two customizable Xbox controllers, and an Xbox and carry bag with the Xbox and Gucci logo. Microsoft and Gucci have created 100 Xbox by Gucci X-Series consoles and related controllers that use the iconic Gucci design. At the very least, you don’t have to deal with scalper bots buying stock – 100 units will only be sold in physical Gucci stores in selected stores in Berlin, Tokyo, London, Bejing, Mexico City, New York, Milan, and Beverly Hills.

Credit @ Gucci

It will also come equipped with two custom Xbox controllers, both of which are classic retail matte black apart from the Gucci patented stripes which can be seen on the left handle. In addition to the customizable GUCCI-branded controllers and the “GG pattern” Xbox Series X console, the kit includes a gorgeous vintage suitcase to hold the entire set. In collaboration with a manufacturer you might not have expected, Microsoft and luxury fashion house Gucci has teamed up to create a special, limited, and highly expensive Xbox Collection X.

In other Xbox news, the company’s 20th-anniversary event is approaching this Monday, November 15th. Xbox also recently teamed up with Adidas to make a co-branded sneaker for its 20th anniversary. This year Microsoft’s gaming console turns 20 and Gucci also celebrates its anniversary. But if you really desperately need one before Christmas and have $ 10,000 burning a hole in your pocket, you might decide to spend it all on a limited edition, created in partnership with luxury fashion brand Gucci.




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