Guvi Secures ₹1 crore from Grey Matters

Guvi which is a Vernacular language based technical learning platform has now secured Rs 1 crore in the first funding round from the Gray matters Capital with the help of its edLabs initiative.

Grab Ur Vernacular Imprint or the Guvi offers the personalized learning and interactive experiences for the learning via the bite-sized videos and gamification mechanics.

The startup which is founded by the former employees of PayPal, Balamurugan SP, Sridevi, and Arun Prakash, the startup was also incubated by the IIT Madras Rural Technology and Business Incubator, it simplifies all the concepts related to technical with its bite-sized vernacular videos and even provides with a courses around a slew of technical subjects which includes the C, C++, Python, Java, MongoDB and more in the form of a videos in regional languages as well that is Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, and Tamil.

“The edLABS funding gives us the required fillip to reach our target of 1 million coders by 2020. This will entail tapping into more partners such as engineering colleges in geographies beyond Tamil Nadu as well as swelling up corporate recruiters on one front and keeping our video library updated and in sync with the ever-changing trends in technology on the other,” Balamurugan said.

The startup is supported by more than 60 companies like the Ionix, JUSPAY, Chargebee, PayPal as some of the recruitment partners.

The startups get their revenues from the students learning programming as well as from the companies who use its platform to recruit the talent.

Source: Guvi