Hacked version of Tesla FSD Beta 8.2 shows incredible performance on Ukraine roads

Recently a video was posted on Youtube by Doctor Elon Channel. It shows Tesla autonomous software being used on Kyiv’s roads located in Ukraine. Despite the maps not being imbibed, the vehicle seemed to get along without any hurdles. It is an older version of Tesla FSD Beta, while the current version regular Tesla users use is Tesla FSD 9.3. It could have been even better if the car on Ukraine roads had the latest version.

Watch a Tesla Model 3 with FSD Beta Drive in the Ukraine [VIDEO] - TeslaNorth.com
Image credits- Tesla North
It is to be noted that the Tesla FSD Beta 8.2 version didn’t have a camera-based vision. Only by using radar and cameras, the vehicle ride went better than expected. Currently, Tesla autonomous software is only made available in the United States. While people in other countries are curious about how the FSD would work on their roads, this video shows a sample of the experience other countries like Ukraine could experience.

Without knowing the language the Youtuber is speaking in the video, the experience can still be seen and understood. The vehicle doesn’t detect faraway from vehicles but seems to effectively detect the nearby cars, stop wherever needed. They also drove the vehicle through a narrow road where many other vehicles were parked on both sides of the road. Tesla managed to get through all of them.

It shows that Tesla could even launch its Full Self Driving technology in other countries when permits are granted. Tesla’s approach is unique and has a future vision on how to develop the software. Their camera-based vision was criticized in many ways as it was considered a back step. Unlike its competitor companies like Waymo which use costlier options like Lidar sensors, Tesla’s autonomous system is an affordable option comparatively for the general public.


Though the car ride was smooth there were some minor things which are not to the point. It could be fatal for a regular consumer in other countries to get access to the FSD Beta. Especially when the software was not able to detect some signs. Some signs are not similar to the US standards, and traffic rules can change.

However, the overall ride was smooth with an older version. It is an incredible ride regardless. In Ukraine sometimes the roads can be very bad, unlike in the United States. As the car was able to detect red lights and stop accordingly, it was a unique experience. This shows a promising future for Tesla for its goals which include Robotaxi and expanding its autonomous software to other countries.