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Hackers fool around with Shatrugnan Sinha’s Twitter account changing his profile photo and name to “Elon Musk”

Hackers have invaded Bollywood actor, Shatrugnan Sinha’s Twitter account. And it seems like they are working up their humor skills because the profile picture and the account name have been changed. The profile picture is changed to that of a rocket while the account name s changed to “Elon Musk.” Seems like those behind the hacking feat are not satisfied with just one Elon Musk. Perhaps they felt the need for one more. Although there is no solid proof for whether the account is hacked, all the signs point towards a hacking. Because certain posts from the veteran actor turned politician’s account are quite uncharacteristic. Either he educated himself about cryptocurrency or it is definitely a hacking feat. And what is funnier is the fact that it seems like the actor has no idea about the whole event. Whatever the case, twitterati is going all out with the speculations and guesswork.

Shatrugnan Sinha

Responses on Twitter

Not so surprisingly, Twitter is going all out with the responses tinged with guesswork and amusement at the comical element of the whole event. Let us take a look at the responses on Twitter.

Seems like the whole issue is resolved. After all, Twitter is not a stranger to hacking.

Well, you and I know that “Elon Musk” is not just any time. Just saying.

Cryptocurrency is creeping in everywhere.

The hackers definitely have a sense of humor. Out of all the names in the universe, they went for “Elon Musk.”

Not to sound arrogant or ignorant, but does Mr.Sinha have any idea about the same?

It is not that he is upto anything. It is just that his account was partially down for a while thanks to the hackers who thought that it was time for a name switch.

Why is it so hard to come to the conclusion that his account was hacked? Unless Mr.Sinha is a really funny and witty person with a massive sense of humor, it is not possible.

Another question. Was Elon Musk aware of any of this?

What is even funnier is the fact that the hackers were generous enough to post a dogecoin giveaway in the account. Talk about magananimity.

Well, hacking is a serious affair. But it cannot be denied that this was funny.

It is all a matter of perspective my friend.




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