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Volkswagen all-electric ID.4 pre-production launched at Tennessee factory

The Volkswagen all-electric ID.4 was launched in Germany last year. Brings a new generation of electric crossover to the German automotive industry, ID.4 was to compete with Tesla Model Y. CEO of Volkswagen Group of America, Scott Keogh mentions that he had a tour of the factory in its pre-production phase.

Volkswagen ID.4: New Shots From The Production Line

Image credits- InsideEVs

Keogh says “This early model is a way for us to validate the build process, components, and procedures in advance of full assembly which is scheduled to begin next year. Just as important, it represents our $800 million dollar investment in EV assembly for the region – and our commitment to the high-tech jobs that will keep this facility humming.”

The photos shared by Keogh show a fully finished ID.4 all ready for its next phases. It looks like more than 2 vehicles are lined up in the plant. Keogh added, “As this glacier white metallic ID.4 made its way towards the end of the line, you could hear and feel the pride from all the great employees involved. Bravo, Tom, and team. More to come.”

This new generation vehicle is going to be strong competition for other top EVs in the market. As the EV market is pushing forward with the help of government schemes and policies, competitive models are being launched.

Image credits- Scott Keogh

World car of the year

Volkswagen ID.4 was also given the name World car of the year when 100 automotive journalists were interviewed and asked for their opinion. Then CEO of VW Passenger Cars Ralf Brandstätter said, “We are particularly pleased about our ID.4 being named World Car of the Year…because it is one of the most important car awards in the world – but because the jury also honored a great idea and a great team. The first ID. Model for the key markets of Europe, China, and the U.S. carries our electric offensive around the world. A convincing car, a great idea – and the World Car of the Year award? That goes well together for us!”

Image credits- Teslarati

The award was applied only to the vehicles that were manufactured at least 10,000 of them and offered in two continents. Though this limits the competition, the ID.4 defeated existing crucial brands. Volkswagen is already known to have clear goals towards achieving carbon emission goals as set by the EU. As it enters the US market with a manufacturing plant in the country, it will be part of Joe Biden’s plans to push the products manufactured locally.



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