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Hashflow bags USD 3.2M funding in Seed round led by Electric Capital and Dragonfly Capital


Source: CryptoNinjas

Hashflow is a San Francisco-based company that offers hybrid solutions to Decentralised Finance (DeFi) trading. The start-up offers a platform layer that is entirely built on Ethereum to enable the next generation of hybrid trading stock market exchanges.

Recently, the start-up has announced to have raised funding worth USD 3.2 million in its latest Seed financing round co-led by Electric Capital and Dragonfly Capital. According to the company profile on Crunchbase, existing investors including Alameda Research, IDEO Ventures, Unanimous Capital, Metastable and Galaxy Digital are also known to have participated in the company’s funding round.

As mentioned in a report by Prnewswire.com, angel investors Ryan Sean Adams, Balaji Srinivas and Kain Warwick were also involved in Hashflow’s seed funding financing round.

Founded back in 2019 by Varun Vruddhula, Hashflow aims to accelerate crypto growth by offering a Decentralised Financing layer to build Ethereum-based hybrid exchanges. According to several statistics reports, it has come to light that Decentralised exchanges based on Ethereum have witnessed rapid growth over the past year. Evidently, in Quarter 1 2021, over USD 215 billion have been successfully traded on Ethereum-based Decentralised Financing exchanges.

The main factor behind this rapid growth is the introduction of Automated Market Makers that have successfully acted as a catalyst in the rapid growth and explosive boost of Decentralised Financing (De-Fi) in the market by offering an on-chain and permission-less trading experience, according to Prnewswire.com.

The report further mentions,

Hashflow is known to offer market makers with competitive befits over the market. The California-based company allows users to have full access and control over their trading strategies, inventory and pricing strategies. Traditionally market makers had to deploy their capital in pre-defined pricing functions and liquidity pools. Along with this, they used to pay to have fees on gas to change any strategies on change. On the other hand, Hashflow is advancing in this sector as it uses bespoke pricing strategies and combines them on Ethereum chains using digital signatures. This gives Hashflow a competitive advantage over other market players as its give market makers full control over their capital and the strategies that they use. These market makers shall have the flexibility to adapt to the constant market changes using the information and data-informed by years of experienced market players on centralised markets.

When asked about the latest funding, the company mentions utilising the money to integrate more market makers to the platform and add additional asset pairs to dominate Ethereum-based hybrid exchanges.



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