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Healthians acquires Mumbai’s Healthy Labs

Healthians which is a Cricketer Yuvraj Singh backed startup has now acquired the health logistics company healthy labs, the founder of the health diagnostics startup revealed. This is as of now first acquisitions for the Healthies, which is now also planning to take this route to expand to some of the newer cities, especially in the Southern part of India.

Acquisition is the act of buying out a company for the expertise and skills that employees bring to the table apart from its products and services.

“We have acqui-hired a Maharashtra-based logistics company. As part of this, we have given undisclosed equity to its founder,” said founder and CEO Deepak Sahni. “We will continue to take this route of acqui-hiring to expand to cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Bhopal, and Ahmedabad,” Sahni said.

Healthians is setting around a corpus of 35 crores for the other acquisition over a couple of years. A couple of more companies have also been identified as a potential acquisition.

Healthians is also in the process of raising some of the fresh funds of about $15 Million from the clutch of investors.

“We are in the process of raising funds and this would be over in a couple of months,” Sahni said.

Source: Healthians



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