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Heliogen exploring Solar technology with Rio Tinto
With carbon free technology the company to work at the Borax pit mine

The artificial intelligence in Heliogen is going to be used in alliance with Rio Tinto. They are going to explore the solar technology possibilities.

Solar technology works on absorbing the heat from the sun and converting it into electrical energy. However, Heliogen works on making carbon-free energy with cheaper foils than the ones used currently.

Though an appropriate land is found, and the technology exists, the existing model is costly for installation in many countries. With Heliogen’s partnership with Rio Tinto, the company plans to explore the solar options in the open mine.

According to the CEO of Rio Tinto, Jakob Staushol, there is a substantial potential for Heliogen to find innovative ideas to reduce carbon emissions. To have a breakthrough, the company plans to give Heliogen their global advantage.

It is said that by 2025 they plan to spend around $1 Billion on their work on reducing carbon emissions. Also, the operations are going to start a year from now, in 2022.

The technology

The Heliogen technology on solar is advanced in many terms it included making energy supply consistent. In the current scenario, not everyone had the option to select a fully solar energy supply option. If the breakthrough happens, there are going to be drastic changes around the world on how homes and buildingss are constructed.

With the alliance, they are going to make use of the energy from the mines. Additionally, the use of AI technology for sustainable energy storage is a game-changer in the field. This technology gives the follow-up technology in future much scope to have what is impossible right now.

What Heliogen had to say..

When asked about this alliance, the CEO of Heliogen said, “Since its founding, Heliogen has been laser-focused on decarbonizing industrial sectors, including mining. As a result, this agreement with Rio Tinto is incredibly gratifying. We’re pleased to find a partner committed to cutting its contributions to climate change. We’re also pleased that Rio Tinto is exploring our technology to play an important role in helping reach its sustainability goals while dramatically reducing its energy costs. More broadly, we’re excited to take this important step as we pursue Heliogen’s goal of avoiding more than 1 gigaton of CO2 emissions – 5 percent of the world’s annual total – from the global economy by turning sunlight into industrial energy source.”

Rio Tinto is one of those companies with has high carbon emissions, if not now, there is some point when mining companies start looking for other options. Both the companies, Heliogen and Rio Tinto are of added benefits in a world-changing way.



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