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Helpful Tips to Save Money on Car Insurance

While having insurance is necessary, it doesn’t mean it has to be overly expensive. There are a few tips that can be used to save money on this necessity. Keep reading to learn what these money-saving tips are.

Seek Multiple Quotes

Starting at a site like rogerbutlerinsurance.com is a smart move; however, don’t stop there. Make sure to get insurance quotes from a few different insurance companies. Many people are surprised how much premiums vary from one company to another.

Think About the Car Being Insured

The type of vehicle a person drives will impact their insurance premiums. According to one study, the lowest and most expensive cars to insure ranged from $1,112 for the Honda Odyssey LX to $3,835 for the Mercedes S65 AMG Convertible. There are some tools available that can be used to help estimate the total cost of coverage. It is also possible to speak with an insurance agent or carrier to get an estimate for the vehicle.

There are some claims that red vehicles cost more to insure than other vehicles, so remember this when car shopping. It will help a driver avoid higher insurance costs. 

Adjust the Deductible

Insurance is necessary, which means there is no way around paying for it. However, the deductible can be adjusted to suit a person’s needs better. Try raising the deductible to see what will happen. The answer will vary based on the specific person, their vehicle, and insurance needs. Some reports show it is possible to save up to nine percent by increasing the deductible from $500 to $1,000.

Combine Insurance Policies

If someone has several insurance policies, there are two reasons to combine them with a single carrier. The first reason is that it will help a person simplify their financial situation. Working with a single carrier is easier than working with several. It is also possible to get discounts. It is possible to qualify for a discount by combining homeowners and auto insurance with a single policy.

Credit Matters

For most states, insurance carriers will factor in a person’s credit history when determining the premium. Studies have proven that there is a direct correlation between how people handle their finances and their claims history.

Claim the Available Discounts

Auto insurance companies offer an array of discounts to qualified individuals. For example, it is possible to get a discount for safe driving. Others may be more surprising. There is a discount for those who are a member of the United States Chess Federation. Remember, insurance companies won’t always willingly offer these discounts, so a person must ask about available options. This is going to help ensure they will get a more affordable price for the insurance.

Getting Affordable Car Insurance

When it comes time to buy car insurance, there are a lot of factors to consider. Using the tips and information here, it is possible to get a more affordable price for the needed coverage. In the long run, this will help drivers save money while being fully covered while on the road.



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