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Here are how you can make a meme utilizing Microsoft Teams’ internal meme generator

On account of the novel Covid pandemic, the greater part of us has gotten used to video conferencing devices like Zoom, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Google Meet, among numerous others. While a significant number of these applications have now become our essential wellsprings of work correspondence, clients can likewise encounter tendencies from utilizing them.

however, you don’t need to use these applications just for genuine messages at work. On the off chance that you have a cheerful conversation going in the Microsoft Teams application, for example, you can send emoticon, respond to stickers, append GIFs — even make your meme.

The sticker section houses the Teams meme generator. 

                                  The sticker section houses the Teams meme generator.  (Xlingshot) 

While this portion isn’t intended for actual conversations, you can utilize it to ease up a work conversation or wish or salute somebody on the work bunch. If you need to make your meme utilizing the Microsoft Teams application, here is how you can begin.Step 1: Startup the Microsoft Teams app and tap on the chat you want to convey your meme.
Step 2: View the bar at the bottom – you should see an entire row under the messaging bar.
Step 3: Click on the sticker icon close to the GIF icon and before the calendar icon. It follows a sticker logo. The memes part should be at the top.
Step 4: You can select from a pre-populated list of meme templates that involve Shiba Unu, Family Guy, Grumpy Cat, and Epic Win Baby.
Step 5: You can now insert a title at the top and the bottom of the meme, with Teams allowing two text areas to quickly add text in those areas.
Step 6: Hit the send button to start your meme directly to the chat. Your co-workers can then respond to your meme or share it in other groups and apps, so make sure the content is work-friendly whenever you do create a meme.



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