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Here’s how to fix it Spotify keeps crashing issue when you lock your iPhone?

You are listening to music and suddenly the music stops to never return. Frustrating, isn’t it? This is the story of the iPhone users after the new update refused to cooperate with one of the most successful music streaming apps. The problem is that the users need to keep their phones unlocked for uninterrupted streaming. Which is surely not battery friendly.

So how can you fix it? Well, we have answers.

There is presently forum major ways to fix the problem.


Deleting the Cache

Deleting the Cache can be of some help. Maybe taking some load of the app can help run it slowly.


Step 1 Navigate to Spotify homepage.


Step 2 search for settings and click it.


Step 3 move forward to storage.


Step 4 Lastly, click on the ‘delete cache’ Option.


Deleting the downloaded songs and podcasts.


The issue first came into highlight when various podcast fans started to put in the complaints. For those who love to save podcasts for listening offline. Piling up songs and podcasts can be very tiring for your app.


Step 1 Head to your Spotify app on the phone


Step 2 Navigate to the “My Library” toggle.


Step 3 Lastly, select the ‘Downloaded’ section.


Step 4 you are now in the right place, just delete the ones you have listened to, to clear off the load.


This will surely fix your issue to some extent.


Reinstalling the app


In this method, simply uninstall your app and reinstall to reboot it up. The reinstallation might help with its smooth running.


Using the ‘Auto- delete feature


If you feel it is quite hard work to manually delete your listened downloads one by one. ‘auto-delete feature is here to save you.

To activate, follow the steps given below


Step 1 Navigate to ‘Your Episodes page’


Step 2 Select the gear icon.


Step 3 Lastly, choose the ‘Remove played episodes’ toggle.



Logging out and in again


If Spotify is crashing, you might need to log out and log in again.


Step 1 Navigate to your Spotify app


Step 2 Select the ‘Home’ option.


Step 3 Select the settings to option on the top right corner.


Step 4 Scroll to end and you will find the logout feature.


If you’re successfully logged out, put in your credentials to log in again.



Force Restarting


For iPhone 8/ SE 2nd Gen


Step 1 press and relax the up volume key.


Step 2 press and relax the down volume key.


Step 3 Hold down the side button until the Apple logo comes on the screen, you can now relax the hold.


For iPhone 7


Hold down both the volume key and sleep/wake key until the Apple logo comes on the screen.


For iPhone 6s/SE 1st Gen


Hold down the sleep/wake button and home key until the apple logo surfaces.



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