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How to reset an apple watch

We are surrounded by technology left and right and if you are an IOS lover you will find yourself embraced with other apple airpods apple watch Apple phone and what not s however these Apple products may be premium and apart from the league but they are right away from the regular issues we face such as forgetting your password or getting your device’s stolen is everyday old story in cases like this you might need to clear devices and reset them to avoid any misuse of your crucial information recorded on these devices as simple as it may sound but if one without the guidance begins on this journey we will find themselves lost in the world of Technology and information without a Guardian Angel ever a little guidance can is out this Mighty task with in with a snap of finger so let’s begin on the method and steps to erase your apple watch and its settings


The Apple watch can be reset using two methods number one reset apple watch using iPhone and reset directly on Apple watch


 Method 1

Reset apple watch using iPhone


it is important to note here that this method will also unpair your watch from your phone and create a backup but removes activation lock from the phone


step 1 to start with first of all place your apple watch in iPhone close to each other


step to launch the Apple watch app in your iPhone


step 3 on the launch the screen you will be able to search for all watches options in the top left corner


Step -4 this step will lead to the information of your connected apple watch pop up on the screen


step 5  select the info toggle in the front of the watch symbol


step 6  to unpair Tap on the unpair apple watch option


Step 7 for those who own GPS + cellular model you will be e dost with the options to keep or remove the plan you can choose accordingly


step 8 you need to select unpair once again to confirm your step


step 9 next you need to put in your Apple ID password


step 10  the un-pairing process will take a significant amount of time


this assures that the phone is creating a backup for your apple watch credentials before erasing it from the Apple watch


Another important piece of information is if your phone is connected to your family members watch then their information then their watches information would be backed up in the iCloud


Method 2

Reset directly on Apple watch


step 1 To start with navigate to settings and tab general


Step 2  scroll down your apple watch screen to find reset


Step 3 next you will be e able to see the option of erase all content and settings on your watch screen, select it


Step 4 if prompted enter your passcode


Step 5 similar to the first method if you own GPS + cellular model you will be asked if you want to keep the plan.


step 6 you need to select erase all to restore apple watch back to its factory settings