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Here’s how to save photos and videos from Instagram

Is Instagram Listening To Your Conversations? - Panda SecurityInstagram is not Pinterest but for its as yet perhaps the most famous applications for photographs and videos. It began as a photo-sharing application. Instagram, nonetheless, doesn’t give you the alternative to download images and videos to your device.

Instagram is unusually about living at the time and giving it to loved ones. With a couple of taps, you can snap a picture or video and give it to your followers. You can likewise peruse the photos and videos given to other people.

You can save them to your profile however no alternative allows you to download them on your phone. There are ways to do it, however.

How about we start with saving images and videos to your Instagram profile. This is related to pinning posts on Pinterest.

Storing Instagram videos isn’t as difficult as it might look if you have the right tools to hand.

Instagram allows you to save photographs and videos so you can open them later at whatever point you need. If you didn’t think about this part, here’s the way you can do it.

1.Start the Instagram app, and go to any post you want to save.

2. See an icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the post.

3. Click on the icon and the photo or video will be stored in your collection.

4. You can check all your stored posts by clicking on the hamburger icon and choosing ‘Saved’.

If this isn’t sufficient and you need to save photos and videos to your device when you’ll follow these steps.


1.Start Instagram on the web and initiate with the photo you wish to save.

2. Click on the three-dot button and choose ‘Go to post’.

3. Then right-click on the photo and choose ‘View page source.

4. Ctrl + F to search for jpg, copy the link and paste it on a different window.

5. You can now keep the image on your device.

A more comfortable way would be to directly screenshot the photo and crop it out.


Saving videos to your device likewise requires similar paces as saving pictures yet with a couple of changes. You can follow the initial three stages, and on the fourth you Ctrl + F to look mp4 and click on the connection.

At that point, you open the connection on another window, right snap, and save the video to your device.

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