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Here’s Why Your Office Needs a Face Recognition Based Attendance System

Due to the pandemic, the whole world is facing a collective threat. Thankfully, the lockdowns have been instrumental in maintaining social distancing and saving lives. However, a lot of businesses have taken a hit. But, as the country is steadily moving towards unlock 4, the restrictions have been eased, and organizations are breathing a sigh of relief. 

If, however, the organizations are planning on re-opening, they must take all preventive measures to ensure the safety of their employees. One way to do so is by introducing a face recognition based attendance system in the workplace.

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Please read below to understand the problem and how to face recognition-based attendance system is a solution.

The Problem

Social distancing and other precautionary measures may keep the virus at bay, but some commonly touched surfaces cannot be avoided. Although sanitization of unavoidable places helps but what about that one surface that employees are required to access using their hands?

A biometric attendance system is touched by all the employees every day. Previously, most organizations opted for the biometric finger system or the Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) card-based access in the office building. Apart from these, visitor registration on a tablet had become the standard way of entering guest details. Even with these protocols in place, not everyone took personal responsibility seriously. But now, lives are at stake, and it is essential to re-think personal safety measures.

The Solution

One thing that the pandemic has enforced upon everyone is the ability to adapt to drastic measures and change standard ways of operating. And this situation has been salvaged by the advancement in technology. With a face recognition based attendance system, organizations and their employees do not have to worry about their safety. Reliable brands like Kent CamAttendance ensure that traditional, less effective ways of access are replaced with a safe, technologically-forward way to run daily operations. 

Here is some benefits of a face recognition based attendance system:

  • Ensures Easy Attendance Record Keeping

Instead of moving back to manual data entry of employee attendance, which consumes a lot of time, a facial recognition based attendance system is a convenient option. Especially for medium and large-sized organizations, it is a savior for marking the attendance of a significant number of employees. Reliable systems like Kent CamAttendance, with their precise and efficient data processing, provide an accuracy rate of more than 99% for facial recognition.

  • Easy Installation

The most significant benefit of the face recognition based attendance systems is that they can be easily installed. And, the cloud application can be conveniently assessed through the web-portal. The IoT design makes it easy for the machine to integrate with an existing HRM software for seamless operation.

  • Secured Management & Scalability

These machines are managed by a secure cloud application that stores employee records and employee photos. It allows the company HR to view all the data from the cloud and keep track of the attendance records of employees. 

Face recognition based attendance systems are designed to be compatible with multiple operating systems. Thus, allowing them to work on any device without any hassles. Also, these attendance systems can be deployed in one premise and across different sites.

  • Touchless Benefit

Many organizations are now choosing face recognition based attendance systems which use an AI-based computer vision technology to capture and recognize the face of an employee to mark attendance.

In addition to helping the employers keep on track of the employees, their attendance, and working hour’s reports, it also ensures security. This smart system denies access to any person who is not registered to enter the organization’s office.

Deploying a new-age face recognition based attendance system will brighten the future of organizations in these uncertain times. Kent CamAttendance is a state-of-the-art system that is reliable and helps in improving the work environment. Kent offers free demos to understand the specifications of the device and the benefits in detail.



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