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Heyday bags USD 5 million funding for its AI Chatbot platform


Source: Arbor Ventures

Heyday is a San Francisco-based digital marketplace space that is designed and built for sellers and retailers to accelerate consumer product brands. Recently, the start-up has announced to have raised funding worth USD 5 million in its latest financing round to upscale and enhance its Unified Chatbot platform that works across various platforms.

Unified Artificial Intelligence-powered chatbots are the future and their potential market is largely untapped. Chatbots are those automated voice assistants that guide you to solve your problem when it comes to ordering, banking issue, a problem with an e-commerce website or anything in this category. For instance, imaging having a problem with your online order, you call Amazon and they put you through an Artificial Intelligence-based chatbot voice assistant. It is definitely frustrating when the chatbot is unable to resolve your issue and you can’t talk to the human executive directly. Well, this problem persists because the chatbots are not advanced enough to solve each and every issue. Artificial Intelligence is the future for these chatbot technologies and Heyday aims to be the market leader in this field.

Every chatbot company is majorly adopting the same technique as its operation to push their own platform and the way of doing their own thing. This serves to be benefitting the company but gets old from the company’s perspective, as mentioned in a report by The Burn-In. Heyday also operates in a similar fashion on the same principle. The Artificial Technology used by the start-up aims to bring together communication from multiple platforms which includes Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Email, Google Business and much more. The platform uses Artificial Intelligence to categorise the contents mentioned in each question to give the consumer a pre-programmed automated response.

Artificial Intelligence-based chatbots cannot simply provide an accurate answer to each and every question of the consumer, but they can at least guide the customer’s issue to the select category and transfer the query to the specialised department.

Heyday works in partnership with multiple well-known companies including PrestaShop, Salesforce, Lightspeed and Shopify.

The question remains, will chatbots replace human executives? Well, Heyday says that Artificial Intelligence is not going to fully replace human-customer service representatives. This scenario will one day definitely change and for the time being, the business’ service will benefit both customers and businesses.

When asked about the funding, the company mentions utilising the latest infusion of funds to continue scaling its operations in the United States of America.




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