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Hike Appoints Manav Arya As Head Of Its Online Gaming Platform Rush

Hike Appoints Manav Arya As Head Of Its Online Gaming Platform Rush


Hike, the company, which wants to build a new social future and to double gaming with its bite-sized entertainment offerings, has hired Manav Arya as head of Rush. This is part of his plan to strengthen the team on board as it doubles its bet on the rush vibe part of the company. Arya talks about his journey, his views on the gaming industry, and the many plans he has for Rush in an interview with an online news network.

Manav has more than 13 years of mobile gaming experience and has worked with brands such as Junglee Games, Paytm First Games, Octro Inc, and The Walt Disney Company. Manaf’s appointment is part of Hikes’ plans to strengthen the team across the board, and the company is doubling its bet on Rush’s mood.

Hike continues to build on its vision of a new social future for India’s homemade social startups and today announced the hiring of Manav Arya as head of RUSH. Like RUSH, Hike is on a mission to channel India’s competitive spirit. It does this by enabling mobile users to play each other’s skills and games and win real money.

It is an online gaming platform where mobile users can compete in skill games and win real money. According to the company, it curates AAA-quality gaming platforms with a community of players. Hike says that all games on the platform are based on skill.

In January this year, Bharti Mittal announced the closure of Hike Messenger, a service that competes with WhatsApp, Telegram, and other messaging services, but said it would continue to be available on Vibe and Rush.

Rush is an AAA-quality gaming platform that places participants on HikeMoji, leading to identification that not only ensures security and privacy but also provides entertaining gameplay and means of progressive self-expression. We imagine that Rush is not only a platform for customers to win money in video games but also for a group of players who have integrity. Who wins will be determined by the participants.

At the heart of everything we construct at Hike is the belief that sport is a matter of greater end results. Rush comes from competing with the power of our ability to put wins, deserved defeats and coaches on the field of play, followed by recovery.

Hike is one of the few companies in India to focus on pushing the boundaries of what is feasible and innovative. Kavin’s imaginative and prescient construct of a new leisure offering is a lot to channel the aggressive spirit that India dares to evoke. It is unusual for an individual to be given the chance to construct such an incredible thing as an ace staff with outstanding imaginative, forward-looking courage to pursue new topics.



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