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Hot dog prices fluctuate at Crypto.com Arena, frustrating Lakers fans

On Wednesday, several conflicts were reported in the concession areas of the newly renamed Crypto.com Arena, with Lakers fans upset about the unpredictability of hot dog prices.

Hot dog prices fluctuate at Crypto.com Arena, frustrating Lakers fans

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Lakers fans upset about the unpredictability of hot dog prices

“This is bullshit, I was here 30 minutes ago and bought an $8 hot dog, and now I’m back and a single hot dog costs $16,000,” Melvin McKay complained, echoing disgruntled fellow fans who were charged four figures for nachos before the prices dropped so the next person in line only had to pay 12 cents.

“It’s like, just pick one price and charge it.” It should always be the same price for everyone. For example, the concession guy told me a beer was $10 when I sat down, but by the time I took out my money, he stated it had gone up to $14,000, then $33, then 14 cents, and finally $250,000.

Sorry, but I’m not willing to spend a quarter-million dollars on a bottle of Bud Light. Then I observed the person in front of me buy an $8 hot dog, eat it, and then sell it for $10,000 to another guy. “What the hell is going on?” The concession lines were growing longer at press time after arena employees advised spectators that the only payment allowed for purchasing a hot dog was other hot dogs.

After 22 years in existence, the Lakers and Clippers of the NBA, the Kings of the NHL, and the Sparks of the WNBA will change their names. Since its opening in October 1999, the 20,000-seat arena has been known as Staples Center, with the name rights held by the American office-supplies retailer under a 20-year agreement. When the Lakers take on the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA’s annual Christmas showcase, the name will change.

“This partnership represents the fastest-growing cryptocurrency platform and the biggest sports and live entertainment company in the world converging to drive the future of sports and live entertainment as well as the incredible legacy of this arena for decades to come,”  Todd Goldstein, chief revenue officer of AEG, said.

The NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers and LA Clippers, the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings, and the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks will all be renamed on Dec. 25. When the Los Angeles Lakers take on the Brooklyn Nets on Christmas Day, a new logo will be introduced. Under a 20-year naming rights arrangement between the cryptocurrency platform and AEG, the Staples Center will be renamed Crypto.com Arena.

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