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Housemarque Is Teasing Returnal DLC

Developer Housemarque has shared a specific image that many believe is making fun of the DLC for Returnal. Instead, fans shouted in hopes that the Housemarques post was a mockery of the Returns DLC or an add-on. It is also possible that the image could only be referred to as apparently present on planet Atropos Return, unrelated to future content, although Hausmark appears to be intent on reaping repercussions from players. Korhonen quoted a weird image when he said that, you know, this is (hopefully) DLC for Returnal. It looks like developer Housemarque is making fun of the announcement of a new DLC tied to its popular roguelike shooter Returnal.

Returnal DLC

Credit @ Housemarque

Fans Returnal immediately took to Twitter that a potential DLC is on the way, they flooding comments while speculating that Housemarque has started working on something. However, a recent post from the official Housemarques Twitter account led players to believe that could take them to a different world from Atropos.

Loyal fans immediately wrote that DLC was on the way, flooding comments with speculation that Housemarque was working on something. Housemarque blessed gamers with its PS exclusive third-person roguelike-style shooter for PS5 Returnal earlier this year. A Finnish developer recently took to Twitter and tweeted a cryptic joke, showing an image that doesn’t look like a familiar game at all. That said, it looks like Housemarque is poised to bring some content into the game in the form of DLC.

However, of all the games, Returnal seems to be the most suitable for expansion with additional content. Housemarque released a new update for the game last month that included a photo mode, while the much-requested pause feature allowed players to spot a save exploit. However, of all its games, Returnal seems to be the most suitable for expansion with additional content.

Returnal DLC

Credit @ Housemarque

We feel that this can be some additional content or a potential DLC because the picture showed a rock creature which isn’t available in the base game. A few months ago, in order to make up for the lack of game saves between releases, Housemarque’s attitude towards the game was relatively calm, leading some fans to believe that the development was over. This is likely to be a new comeback or DLC content because rock creatures don’t seem to appear anywhere in the main game.

Or can you go somewhere new? Story designer Evi Korhonen is back. They then added fuel to the fire, claiming that they had filmed something “really cool.” After Housemarque released Returnal, Sony announced that it would acquire the companies behind other games such as Resogun, Alienation, Dead Nation, and Super Stardust HD. However, of all his video games, Returnal seems to be the most suitable for growing with additional content. Historically, Housemarque has generally supported its games very well after launch with updates and DLCs.

If it’s DLC, Housemarque could wait until the next Game Awards 2021 show to reveal what it is. The new image from Housemarque seems to suggest that the studio has more to do with Atropos. Traditionally, Housemarque has great post-launch support for its video games with updates and DLCs.

Even die-hard Returnal fans have been unable to pinpoint where this image came from, raising the likelihood that this is a hint of something new. Fans could still notice this area, which made it look new. This is definitely what the fans want … something today that Hausmark started to tease. That’s if any Returnal DLC comes with any content roadmap.

Seeing most games nowadays get pretty good post-launch support with regular fixes, there is a high chance that Returnal will be getting some noticeable fixes soon. Some of the new Returnal biomes may not completely change video games as we know them, but it would be a great way to get back to your favorite game. However, the last two Housemarques games, Nex Machina and Matterfall did not receive DLC.

This has caught the attention of many on the internet because it is not like what was discovered in the mainstream Returnal. Many fans on Twitter are wondering if this is a mockery of a potential DLC. Above is an image of something we don’t recognize in the game. They have hinted in the past that they are developing DLC, so maybe that’s it. We can only hope, but the official announcement is still elusive.

Since its release specifically for PlayStation 5 in April, Returnal has undergone several updates. In May, Housemarque’s story director Greg Louden explained how DualSense’s adaptive trigger and haptic feedback function give the game a sense of realism. It can be said lightly that Housemarque has been responsible for maintaining the exclusivity of its PS5 because after the update proposed in June aimed at fixing some bugs and rebalancing the gameplay, the 2.0 version last month finally provided players with what their bodies need. Cried when backing up the system and exiting the game. Returns will be fully launched for PS5 in April 2021, and you can get the full conclusion now.



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