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Houston Texans becomes the first team to sell suite using cryptocurrency Bitcoin

Houston Texans integrates with Bitwallet for accepting bitcoins in exchange of game suite

  • Introduction of NFL Texans
  • Houston Texans integration with Bitwallet
  • Cryptocurrency first time used for buying game suite in NFL
  • The domination of cryptocurrency in the sports industry


Introduction of NFL Texans

Located in Houston, the Houston Texans play professional American football. The Texans play their home games at NRG Stadium in the American Football Conference (AFC) South division of the National Football League and was founded on October 6, 1999.

The football club, reportedly was always on the look out to bring cryptocurrency into its operations in some form or another. As it ventured and explored more options in the industry, the most viable option to the football club was provided by “Bitwallet.”


Houston Texans integration with Bitwallet

Houston Texans integrates with bitwallet

Credits: bitwallet.com

According to the reports, the Houston Texans crew went on to collaborate with Bitwallet. Basically, the integration will enable the fans and followers of the football club to buy a single recreation suite using bitcoin. Bitcoin was selected as the cryptocurrency because of the obvious reasons such as its market capitalization and its popularity in the crypto market. Bitwallet comes in and takes the role of the middlemen facilitating and helping the fans convert their bitcoins into fiat currency upon buy. Factually, Houston already went on to offer its first suite to EWR Digital, which is a digital advertising and marketing agency.


The domination of cryptocurrency in sports industry

Cryptocurrency has been able to penetrate various industries and has been able to successfully dominate most of the industries it has ventured into. Sports industry is one such industry, where digital assets as a whole has been successful. Be it cryptocurrency for trading or NFT based tickets, sports industry has widely and openly accepted the use of digital asset. Yes, it is accurate to make the assumption that, the digital industry has been able to penetrate the sports industry mainly from the United States and UK. Sports sector in other countries are yet to welcome digital assets openly, but many believe that the movement might happen soon.


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