How and where to buy refurbished gadgets from?

Sometimes buying refurbished gadgets can be a good choice to save money. If you are lucky enough and so some proper research, you can score a good deal very easily. Nowadays, even most e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart also provide users with the option to buy used products. But the question which gadgets should you buy used and from where. Let’s take a look.

How to choose refurbished gadgets?

Most of the times, buying refurbished will help you save a lot of money. But similarly, sometimes the discount will be so marginal that it won’t be worth buying a used product. The price of a used product will also depend on its condition. Products that are just unboxed and returned in the 10 days period by users can be termed as in mint condition. At the same time, products used for a year will have scratches and dents and can be termed as in good or working condition.

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The types and definitions of the condition of products depend from seller to seller. So, one should completely go through it before making any purchases. Choosing a refurbished gadget should also depend on its type. For example, a gadget like in-ear earphones is not something you would want to buy used for hygienic reasons obviously.

Buying any type of used gadget is completely the users call, but its condition should be looked out for. Also, see if the product is in warranty and comes with the in-box accessories. If you are someone like me, then buying an excellent condition device is the only option. This is because I am not into buying old things. But if someone needs a gadget just for the sake of using it than going for a “very good” or “good” condition isn’t a bad decision either.

Where to buy used gadgets from?

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There are generally three market places from where one can buy used gadgets. These are e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart, seller sites like Quikr, Olx and eBay, and offline market. All of these options have their own benefits and problems. For example, buying from an e-commerce site the used product might be a little expensive than offline or seller sites, but most sellers provide a 3-6 months warranty there.

Similarly, you may buy from offline stores or Quikr and get a lower price and even inspect before buying but may not get any warranty. Do remember that these are generalized situations and sometimes if you are lucky enough you can get a warranty and a good deal anywhere. As a tech enthusiast, I would recommend before buying anything you can check the refurbished prices everywhere. If the price difference is worth it then go for the used else get it new at full price.

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