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How These Top CEOs Manage Their Work !

The top job requires you to do a lot of work. Everyday you wear multiple hats and work never seems to end even when you are working for all the 24 hours in the day. Here is how some of these top CEOs are managing to get their work done !

Jack Dorsey, Square CEO and Twitter chairman


(Image Credits : adweek.com)


Managing one company is a tough task. Jack Dorsey manages work at 2 companies at the same time. He is known to do this by assigning theme to each day. For example Mondays are for management, Tuesdays for product, Wednesdays for marketing and so on. Assigning a theme to each day makes sure that work is getting done on all aspects that need attention and no one part of the company is suffering for any other.

Chad Dickerson, Etsy CEO

(Image Credits: cnbc.com)

(Image Credits: cnbc.com)

Networking, managing contacts and PR is an important part of any startup. Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson puts notes about where he met a person , what they talked about etc whenever he meets a new contact and is adding them to his address book.

Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and CEO of  Renault, Chairman and CEO of  Nissan, and Chairman of Russian automobile manufacturer AvtoVAZ

(Image Credits : inautonews.com)

(Image Credits : inautonews.com)

Managing 3 companies, one has to be extremely organized. It is said that Carlos Ghosn plans his schedule more than a year in advance. He knows where he is going to be and what he is gong to be doing  15 months in advance.

Dustin Moskovitz,  CEO of Asana

(Image Credits : worldheadway.com)

(Image Credits : worldheadway.com)

Dustin who is also the former co-founder of Facebook says that he manages his work by having a “No Meeting Wednesdays”, a concept borrowed from his days at Facebook. Having one day where your calendar is free allows Dustin to focus on tasks at his hand.




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