10times Using In – Depth Industry Focus Strategy For Achieving 10X Growth !


Event discovery and networking platform, 10times, was started with a conviction that the business events space was in need for a revamp. One and a half year after starting, the company today lists more than 200k events from 100+ industries. Showcasing events from more than 10,000+ cities, 10times get 3 million+ visitor page views each month.  Every month a million+ users are using 10times to find relevant events and business opportunities. Recently the company reached a new milestone of enabling 250K connections between event goers in 6 months time. Below we take a look at few strategies and changes that the company has been using to grow !

 Addition To Top Management

10Times was started in January 2014 under the leadership of Mayank Chaudhary, an IMT MBA. He is a startup veteran with over 10 years of experience and has successfully built, managed and scaled many online businesses.

In January 2015, Atul Todi came onboard as a co-founder. With a background in Consumer Research from Purdue University, Atul was previously running his own startup that was incubated at IIT Kanpur. Having attended trade shows and conferences in the US, he understood the potential in the business events space and has been spearheading 10Times to the next level.

Mobile Focus

The power of mobile has been discussed in a lot of detail till now. While the company’s web platform is constantly improving, driving more traffic and bringing on-board organizers from around the world, they are currently focusing on growing their mobile adoption, enabling event recommendations and simplifying event networking. Over the past twelve months team 10times grown to a size of 30+ individuals and a significant expansion has happened in their mobile team as well. Through their mobile platform, the company plans to expand across all business domain, increase virtual networking amongst event goers and collaborate with organizers globally.

In Dept Industry Focus

According to the founders of 10times, one of the most important lesson they have learnt from their journey till now is that quality is more important than quantity to grow any business.  They have realized that it is vital to cover an industry in depth rather than focusing on many industries with fewer events in each. Driving deep into a particular industry to cover more events in the industry is therefor one of the key focus areas of the company going forward. The company is focusing on creating deep industry impact in whatever industry they work in rather than only adding new industries each day. The company is trying to achieve this by building relations in the industry and spreading awareness about their brand by educating businesses about their platform.

Through their efforts the company is targeting a growth of 10x in the coming few months.