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How India’s Leading GST software company HostBooks is transforming the market

Mr Kapil Rana_Chairman & Founder, Hostbooks Limited

Mr Kapil Rana_Chairman & Founder, Hostbooks Limited

On July 1, 2017, the country witnessed one of the biggest business changes of our times viz. Goods and Services Tax. The Goods and Services Tax became one of the most significant tax reform post-independence changing the way of doing business in India.

As the multifaceted and multi-layered tax arrangement came to a conclusion with GST, there arrived a dire need for software which can reduce the stress of understanding the brand-new procedure for calculating tax. The GST software is a worthy application which makes the calculation of taxes easy for the owners, warehouse operators, and transporters.

HostBooks is one such accounting software which offers a seamless GST billing and returns filing experience. HostBooks is an all-in-one accounting solutions platform decked with GST billing software making the management of the accounts way simpler than before.

HostBooks is a system which helps an organisation in the bookkeeping of their financial records and cash flow. All activity regarding GST issues such as GST return filing, GST Bill preparation, mismatch reconciliations, penalties and interests can be done electronically through HostBooks.

HostBooks GST application is a well-organised version of comprehensive indirect tax on goods and services and has remarkably cut down the operational costs. The GST solutions at HostBooks is savvy and tussle-free to help maintain the accounting and invoicing system which aims to cater to the business.

HostBooks recognizes the fact that in today’s digital world security is one of the most critical assurances. Thus, HostBooks as a secured software protects confidential business information without making any kind of compromises that may pose a threat to a business. HostBooks thus ensure that as an automated cloud computing accounting software, it is robust not only in return filing but also from the data security point of view as well.

This has enabled the clients for quick decision making and transparent operations.

Real-time information that one can transact from the user dashboard on HostBooks helps the clients to avoid over/under stocking and may save on working capital. When the need is to save time, even seconds matter. Thus, good accounting software must reduce the number of clicks to accommodate client requirements of saving time and for this HostBooks along with reducing the operational cost operates on a minimum user interface principle.

HostBooks GST software offers an Advanced Reconciliation Tool to help auto-matching and reconciliation of invoices, purchases, ITC and returns.

“Our automated cloud-based platform gives a seamless GST solution related to GST billing, return filing, an easy import of GSTR-2A, auto-matching, reconciliation, automatic reminders, single sign-on authentication, and works to ease out the burden with the help of automation. In addition, E-Waybill tool renders an effortless e-Waybill generation with an immediate cancellation and rejection facilities,” said Mr. Kapil RANA, Founder & Chariman, HostBooks Ltd.

The concept of One Nation One Tax is a breakthrough in the indirect tax regime. It has simplified the process of indirect taxation and has compelled the businesses to keep pace with the GST regime at the same time. Hence, the need of the hour is to go for the best GST software that would make working on the intricate issued related to GST a cakewalk. HostBooks has led to overcoming such impediments of accounting like GST billing, E-way billing and TDS returns and bank transactions.



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