How Seth Green recovered his stolen Bored Ape NFT by spending $300K
The actor announced on Twitter space that his much-loved Bored Ape #8398 finally “came back home.”


NFT, a bored ape avatar belonging to American actor Seth Green cost him more than $300,000. The much-loved Bored Ape #8398 has finally “come home,” according to the actor. In addition to acting, producing, writing, and directing, Green has also worked as a writer and a producer. The Hotel New Hampshire was his first starring role in a feature film.

Among the non-working pets confiscated from the actor’s Los Angeles home since May 17th was a Doodle and a pair of Mutant Apes. Friends, I had the same thought.” After falling victim to phishing, he lost 4NFT.

Among the NFTs taken, the Bored Ape #8398’s disappearance was the most depressing, and for good cause. “White Horse Tavern,” Green’s upcoming television show based on a cartoon character, was supposed to have the number 8398. However, the show is now in development and the number was never planned to appear. Since NFT was no longer an option, the artist was unable to generate any money from his performance. A business called Yuga Labs claims that only the owners of the BAYC NFTs are allowed to market their devices. His program’s future was in jeopardy as a consequence of this.

During the last several months, Green has been hard at work developing and implementing the intellectual property necessary to make that gorilla the star of this show.”

In a conversation with entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, he brought up this topic. After that, he was kidnapped only days before he was to make his international debut.

Green’s digital assets were promptly taken without his awareness when he was tricked into clicking on a fake link that led to a rogue NFT minting website. When DarkWing84, a collector, paid $200,000 for Green’s stolen NFT, things began to shift. The actor has informed DarkWing84 that he intends to sue them.

While Green had to spend 165 Ether to recover his lost NFTs, the transaction logs show that he did so. However, it’s not certain if DarkWing84 will return the NFT.

This collection, which has over 10,000 bored gorillas in total, is quite popular at Yuga Labs. Figures from indicate that this collection has generated billions of dollars in sales. Celebrities were ready to join the ape trend, so it’s no wonder that they did so. When Paris Hilton and Jimmy Fallon appeared on their respective talk shows, they each unleashed their inner monkeys. NFT, a rapper who performs in the form of an ape avatar was promptly hired by Eminem. Known for his love of chimpanzees and apes, Shaq is an animal lover. Just two of the many well-known musicians with ape non-fungible tokens are Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Bieber (NFTs).