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How to Access the Sandbox Game?
Easy Steps to Access the Sandbox Game

Ever since the rebranding of Facebook as Meta and the release of metaverse, a virtual reality platform with all the elements of real life, new avenues have been growing that have facilitated digital artists and have taken digital art to a new height. Be it crypto, NFTs or any other forms of digital art, the metaverse is a boon to all of them. The creativity, the level of distribution, the avenues of accessibility, people participation has all been so overwhelming that new digital artists are emerging everyday. No good piece of work remains unnoticed.

Within a span of less than a year, several platforms have emerged that let people experience the metaverse life. People can create their avatars, have a digital life which is independent of their real life, create and trade digital assets (NFTs), hangout with friends and do all kinds of things they wish for. One such platform is the Sandbox Game.


What is the Sandbox Game?

Sandbox is one of the most immersive and expansive metaverse games that encompasses within itself several metaverse games and lets users play them while earning monetary rewards in the form of SAND token. It further facilitates the exchange of crypto currencies, NFTs, and other forms of digital arts. The more time a person spends in the Sandbox universe, the more monetary rewards they can earn.


The Sandbox Metaverse is broken into several little fragments called LAND. Players can buy and sell their land which can be used to host games, organize social gatherings such as digital weddings, birthday parties, digital concerts, etc., erect houses, shops and business complexes, and interact with other players. There will forever be 166,464 units of LAND available in the game that the players can use for the purposes listed above.

Another important feature of the Sandbox Metaverse is the NFT Marketplace where artists can list their digital arts in the forms of NFTs and interested parties can buy them directly from the marketplace. Some of the featured NFTs on the platform are Snoop Dogg, Care Bears, The Walking Dead, Atari and Pororo. This is also where all the LAND trades happen in the Sandbox Metaverse.

Snoop Dogg NFT
Credits: Sandbox Marketplace
Credits: Sandbox Marketplace
Sunglasses NFT
Credits: Sandbox Marketplace


Have you ever played the game Minecraft? The one where players mine diamonds, keep pets and animals, buy lands, grow crops on it and do all kinds of stuff there. Sandbox Metaverse is exactly the same, the only difference being that it is much more interactive and graphically enhanced to make the user feel more life-like. You can explore the Sandbox Map on the official Sandbox website and see which places are occupied and  which are open for sales. Multi-million dollar companies including Warner Music Company, Ubisoft, Sun Hung Kai & Co. have their fair share of land in the Sandbox Metaverse. Even the very famous Playboy Mansion is all set to make its debut in the Sandbox Metaverse.


Creating an Account on Sandbox

In order to have access to Sandbox and explore its full potential and be able to trade freely, you need to have an account on it first. We will first guide you to creating an account and later we’ll explore how you can access different in-game objects. The first thing to keep in mind while creating a sandbox account is that you need to have a cryptocurrency wallet. A cryptocurrency wallet stores all your cryptocurrencies at one place. Just like a real wallet is used to keep cash, cards, coins, etc., a cryptocurrency wallet holds your digital assets and cryptocurrencies. The Sandbox metaverse currently supports 4 Major Crypto Wallets, namely, MetaMask, Coinbase, Bitski and Venly. If you have an existing account on these platforms, its well and good otherwise you can always create an account for free. Once you’ve set up an account on these platforms, it is time to move on to setting up an account on Sandbox. Here are the easy steps:


Step 1:  Fire up the browser on your system (preferably Chrome or Firefox) and type in the address bar and hit enter.

You’ll be redirected to the  Sandbox Home Page.

Step 2: On the top right corner of the Sandbox Home Page, you will find the Sign In button. Click on it and wait for it to load. You’ll be redirected to the Log In or Create an account section.

Step 3: You can Sign Up using either your socials (Facebook, Twitter, Google) or a cryptocurrency wallet we listed earlier in this article. However, we’d recommend using a cryptocurrency wallet for smooth trading of digital assets and game creation. If you just wish to explore the Sandbox Game, signing up with your socials would be enough.

Step 4: Once you’ve selected the desired way to log in to the platform, a new mini-window will appear that will prompt you to enter the credentials to your method of login. Fill in all the details correctly and hit Sign Up.

Note: If you’ve used a cryptocurrency wallet to sign up to the Sandbox, you’ll need to perform an additional step of  entering your email ID and Username.


Accessing and Using the Sandbox to Create Digital Assets


Once your account is created, you’d want to know how to access the sandbox game maker and start creating and trading your own digital art. Here’s how you can do it in few easy steps:

Step 1: Visit the Sandbox Website using the link and log in to your account.

Step 2: On the left hand side of the website, there’s a menu bar. On that menu bar, find the option Create. Click on it.

Step 3: You’ll be redirected to the creation homepage of Sandbox. Here, you will find three options: 1. Game Maker, 2. Vox Edit and 3. Avatar

Note: Game Maker lets you create Sandbox based games such as Minecraft, Roblox, etc. Vox Editor allows you to create all kinds of digital arts and Avatar lets you create a personalized, miniature, digital version of you. For the next few steps, we’ll take Vox Edit into account. However, you can repeat the similar steps for the remaining two options as well.

Step 4: Click on Vox Edit option. A new page will appear on your screen with the Download button. Click on the download button.

Step 5: Select the desired destination where you want to download the NFT Creator Vox Edit.

Step 6: Once the download is completed, click on the downloaded file and install the software on your device.

Step 7: Once you’ve installed the software, login using your Sandbox credentials and you’re good to go. Start creating NFTs of your choice and you can publish them over the Sandbox server though Vox Edit only.

Note: Sandbox Vox Edit requires a stable internet connection to be able to publish your NFTs. Make sure you’re connected to the Internet before you publish your NFT.

Now, Sandbox is relatively newer to the metaverse market but it has established itself as one of the largest platforms for NFT and crypto creation and trading. Big names like Adidas, Playboy, Ubisoft and several others have associated themselves with the metaverse through Sandbox only. This speaks for how big an impact the platform has had in the world of metaverse and associated products. Even though Sandbox has done a lot for the digital community, there’s a lot more that remains undone until it attains its full potential.