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How to add a tweet to a snap on Snapchat?

Add a tweet to a snap on Snapchat

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You can now add a tweet to a snap on Snapchat that you share with friends by linking your contacts. 

  • When you add a tweet to your snap and share it with people they can swipe up and open the tweet. 
  • One thing to be noted is that you can only add tweets from public accounts. Tweets posted by locked account can not be added on a Snapchat snap. 
  • Another limitations for this feature is that it is available only for iOS users. 
We’re all aware of the hectic struggle we go through when we need to share a tweet on Snapchat. Taking a screenshot and sending it to the person we want to share it with is only okay until your personal info is not visible in the screenshot. Well the good news is, you can now save time and efforts when you need to share a tweet on Snapchat. For all the iOS users, there’s a new feature with which you can now add a tweet to a snap.

Here’s how to add a tweet to a snap

  1. Launch the Twitter app on your mobile phone and then head straight to the tweet you wish to add in your snap. One thing you must keep in mind before selecting a tweet to add in your snap is that the tweet should be from a public account. You can not add a tweet to a snap from an account which is locked.
  2. After navigating on the tweet you wish to add on your snap, tap on the share tweet button. The sharing option will be visible under an arrow placed at the top right of a tweet.
  3. From the list of options of sharing an option of ‘snap camera’ will be visible on your screen. Tap on the snap camera option. In case you can not find the option of snap camera, it means that your Snapchat or twitter is not updated to its latest version. It can also mean that you don’t have Snapchat set up in your phone.
  4. Once you tap on the snap camera option it will direct you to your Snapchat snap with the tweet pasted on it. If you’re worried about the position of the tweet, do not feel limited by the placement. You can later adjust the tweet to wherever you want to place it. Along with the option of relocating the tweet you can also rotate and resize it as per your needs.
  5. When you’re done with adding text, stickers and whatever is it to make it your perfect snap, tap on send and select users you want to send it to. At last hit the blue arrow at the bottom of your screen and that’s it! Your recipients will have to swipe up to your snap to see the tweet that you added on your Snapchat.



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