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Microsoft Edge- How to Add, Edit, or Delete Saved Passwords

Saving your passwords in Microsoft Edge will save you with the brain eating task of remembering passwords to sign into your favorite website. In case you need to Add, Edit, or Delete Saved Passwords in Microsoft Edge you will need to head straight to the ‘settings’ menu.

To Add, Edit, or Delete Saved Passwords in Microsoft Edge the first step is that you will need to update your PC to the latest version before you start with something else.


Add, Edit, or Delete Saved Passwords in Microsoft Edge

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Adding a Password to Microsoft Edge

It is a default setting in Microsoft Edge which will ask you if you need to save your password at times it realizes that you are setting up a password entry box while browsing a website. Talking about an example, when you sign into a gmail account Microsoft Edge will automatically give you a prompt on your screen asking if you want to save your password and username for Google account.

A notification box will be displayed below your adress bar to confirm the action. In case the pop-up box doesn’t appear you can click on the key looking like ‘Security’ option and it will show you the pop-up box. You will easily be able to find the security key will be visible to you just next to the bookmark’s section in the top right section of the screen.


If you wish to save your password there and then for future use, without further ado, click on the “Save” button. However, in case you do not want Microsoft Edge to save your password, click on ‘Never’ will never bother you again.

Editing or Deleting Passwords from Microsoft Edge

If you saved any of your passwords during earlier use and now you don’t feel the need to keep them saved in your browser, you can always delete them.

Launch your Windows Edge browser and click on the menu option, it will appear as a three-dotted icon, visible at the  top-right corner of your screen.

From all the options avaiable in the menu section, tap on the option of ‘Settings’

As soon as the Settings menu opens, you will discover the option of ‘Profiles’, click on that.

Under the options of Profile you will find the option of ‘Passwords’. Click on Passwords and you will be able to view the passwords for your accounts.

From the same menu, you will be able to edit or delete the passwords as per your needs.



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