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How to allow photo access on iPhone

Apple has traditionally been a strong supporter of customer privacy, and this is evident. On the iPhone, their most recent privacy-enhancing innovation allows users to select which apps have access to their photo collection. Previously, if an app wanted access to your photographs on your phone to store or modify them, you had to give it access to all of your photos.

On iPhone, your apps are unable to access your photographs. You’ve tried a half-dozen ostensibly effective remedies, but none of them have worked. To allow applications access to your iPhone photographs, follow these steps:

  • Go to Content & Privacy Restrictions > Photos > Settings > Screen Time > Photos > Make sure “Allow changes” is selected.
  • Try viewing your photographs again in the app you’re attempting to provide access to; you should be prompted to grant permission;  Accept
  • You should now notice the app in Settings > Privacy > Photos, and you can give it permission. Permissions such as read/write are an example.
  • If you’re still having trouble finding the app in Settings > Privacy > Photos, try this (it worked with WhatsApp): Take a screenshot and share it. Share to WhatsApp; Accept giving rights to see your photos if requested; However at this point, WhatsApp had already been able to access the photos, without any need to go back into Settings > Privacy > Photos




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