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Tesla Model Y owner saved the BMW X1 driver from being burnt in the car explosion

A BMW X1 was driving on the roads of New Jersey when the fatal incident happened. The nearby Tesla Model Y owner happened to observe the SUV being on fire and warned the BMW driver. Within a few seconds before the explosion, the driver heard the yelling and got out.

Tesla owner warns BMW X1 driver whose SUV was on fire moments before explosion

Image credits- Teslarati

Initially, it so happened that the Tesla owner thought the BMW was rolling coal on them as a lot of smoke was coming from the vehicle. But soon they realized it was much worse when they saw that there were flames under the BMW X1. Then the Model y owners wanted to warn the owner and caught up with the BMW at the traffic light. They yelled at the driver saying that the vehicle was on fire. Immediately, the X1’s driver got out of the vehicle just after which the vehicle exploded.

The combustion-powered SUV exploded so much, that if the driver wouldn’t have gotten out of the vehicle don’t time, it could have been a horrific incident. The driver was alone in the vehicle, and no person was injured during the incident. However, the belongings in the vehicle were burnt along with the car.

The saviors of the day could have been anyone on New Jersey street, but it so happened that they are Tesla Model Y owners. The BMW X1 driver was extremely thankful for saving his life.

One among thousands of fires

This incident was caught on the Model Y dashcam. It is among the hundreds of thousands of vehicle fires that happen in the US every year. It is known that in 2019, there were 189,500 highway vehicle fires in the country which would mean around 519 fires each day. Unfortunately, not all of the drivers and passengers are saved, and it could lead to fatal injuries or even death.

Furthermore as reported by the US Fire Administration, there are around 345 deaths, 1,300 injuries, and around $1.1 billion property loss every year on average. These incidents continue to increase as measures to stop this are not being taken care of. Comparatively, electric vehicles like Tesla if caught fire tends to burn slowly and allows the passengers to get out and be saved. However, there are multiple situations like the Chevy Bolt fire incidents, where people didn’t die but had minor injuries. As per the records, it was recorded that 38 percent of the fire incidents were unintentional like careless driving or a result of an accident. Around 5% are known to be caused on purpose.




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