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WhatsApp set to bring multi-device support to beta

WhatsApp is finally all set to bring its new multi-device support to users on beta, through an opt-in programme. The beta will provide participating users with an early access to the new tool, and is available for the Desktop, Web, and Portal versions of WhatsApp. The new feature will allow users to link up to four devices, including browsers and other devices, to their account, and is currently not being rolled out for connecting another phone to one’s account.

Active Internet Not Needed

With the feature, users will be able to continue using WhatsApp on their linked devices, even when their main device lacks an active internet connection. However, these linked devices will be logged out automatically, if the main device is not connected for 14 consecutive days.

QR Code to Provide Access

The multi-device beta is being rolled out to users of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on iPhone and Android in limited countries, who are using the latest version of the application. The tool will eventually be rolled out globally, as per a blog post by the company.

New devices will be added to users’ accounts through the use of a QR code, akin to what happens when one connects to WhatsApp Web. The time taken for linking will vary according to the size of individual users’ message history.

A Number of Drawbacks

WhatsApp set to bring multi-device support beta

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While the new feature will, in all likeliness, increase the functionality of the app, the list of things that users won’t be able to perform using their linked devices is considerably long. For starters, the multi-device support won’t let users view live locations on their companion devices.

Additionally, joining, viewing, and resetting group invites and pinning chats won’t be possible from WhatsApp Desktop or WhatsApp Web. Additionally, users will not be allowed to call a person who is using a very outdated version of the app, directly from their linked device. Also, calls from WhatsApp Desktop and Portal to linked devices that have not been enrolled in the multi-device beta will also be prohibited.

And that’s not all. WhatsApp Business users won’t be able to edit their business name or labels using WhatsApp Desktop or Web, and will have to rely on the main device for the same. Moreover, operating other WhatsApp accounts on the portal will not be possible unless these additional accounts have also been enrolled in the multi-device beta programme.


Source: The Indian Express



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