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How to apply for Twitter verification

Twitter verification has been a much-debated topic for a long time. While some have placed the blame on an occasionally inconsistent account verification policy on Twitter, others have expressed outrage regarding how Twitter prefers those accounts with blue ticks, which is supposedly evident in its approach regarding any privacy policies.

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To even make all of this more obvious, a new Twitter verification phase and policy is will be made available today. From now onwards, Twitter verification will gradually be rolled out for users around the world. But this will happen only in phases, and as a result, you may not see this new feature in your account, immediately. However, today does mark the global rollout of a new, worldwide Twitter account verification policy, which will cover individuals of more fields and professions, while also hoping to address some of the burning issues surrounding verified accounts on Twitter.

Following this announcement, one of the most asked questions is this: how do users get access to the Twitter verification process? In its press briefing – which detailed the new policies and strategies behind verifying accounts – Twitter said that accounts that can be verified must be classifiable as “notable, authentic, and active,” which was stated by B Byrne, the product manager for identity and profiles at Twitter.

The term ‘notable’ signifies that accounts eligible for verification should be cited by an established organisation, company, or institutional body. To be considered ‘authentic’, accounts must fulfil a basic list of criteria. This list includes a profile photo, a valid bio and other rudimentary details. Finally, by ‘active’, the account is required to be, as the term indicates, active within the past six months. Eligible users also need to have a confirmed email address and phone number, and also must not have breached any of Twitter’s community guidelines within the past six months.

Currently, the list of account categories that will be eligible for Twitter verification include governments and government officials, companies, news organisations and journalists, entertainment organisations and individuals, brands and organisations, activists, sports teams, organisations and personalities, organisers and “influential individuals”. New additions to this list include academics, scientists, and religious leaders.

If your account fulfils the aforementioned criteria, you should keep an eye out for an option for account verification to appear in your account settings. Once it appears, you can click on it to start the process. Choose the category that you fall under, provide a government-issued identity document, and submit the form. Twitter states that after you submit this, it will take between one week and 30 days for you to receive a response from the company. The response from Twitter will be in your email inbox. Note that if your application is successful and you do get verified, the blue tick should automatically appear on your profile.

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