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How to Automate a Pharmaceuticals Sales Force?

Pharmaceutical industries can take advantage of sales force automation to coordinate their daily sales operations. This eases the tasks of pharmaceutical sales representatives by automating various sales functions, and also helps management to access various reports on sales metrics. The overall sales process becomes smoother due to using technology to streamline the sales process.

Automating the pharmaceuticals sales force can help in managing customer orders, active monitoring of sales force activities, and setting achievable goals to track performance. These processes can directly help increase drug sales and establish good relationships between reps and doctors. CloudApper SalesQ is a sales force workflow automation app that can help automate a pharmaceuticals sales force.

Ways to Automate a Pharmaceuticals Sales Force

A pharmaceutical sales force has a complex sales operations process which interacts with various drugs and deals with a large number of doctors. Pharmaceutical sales teams can be automated in the following ways:


A robust sales operations process like pharmaceuticals drug sales involves interacting with a range of customers and doctors alike. It is necessary to record these conversations and make profiles per customer that can be viewed by the sales team as reference whenever required. A sales force workflow automation app like SalesQ can help in recording customer feedback for later analysis.


Pharmaceutical sales reps are always visiting doctors to suggest and sell drugs. Achievable targets should be assigned in this regard, and the completion progress should be tracked throughout to make sure reps are performing as expected. This process can help monitor pharmaceutical sales agent performance, and give a clear view to pharmaceutical sales target completion.


Drug sales through each doctor or to stores can be mapped to find out product lines that perform better compared to others. This can help determine production planning for the next period and help reduce overproduction of underperforming lines. SalesQ can help determine products that are moving faster from inventory by displaying quantity of products sold per customer.


Pharmaceutical sales reps operate across a wide range of territories, and it is essential to track the authenticity of their visits. SalesQ provides Geo-fencing capabilities to track sales teams and lets them check-in only from designated territories. This increases visit authenticity and makes sure that you do not miss out on important deals going through. This process saves time and increases doctor visits by nudging sales reps to be more productive.


Sales force automation apps can generate complex reports that give management insights on latent trends that go unnoticed otherwise. These hidden factors can help unlock better sales force performance by aligning the pharmaceuticals sales teams to perform better. The data is presented in the form of an interactive dashboard that is easy to understand, and can help managers guide their sales teams without being present in the field.

Final Words

Automation can greatly improve the pharmaceuticals industry sales operations by bringing more control over product distribution, sales team activities and by providing insights on sales operations. This can help achieve desired profits and help pharmaceuticals companies stay ahead of other drug distributors. SalesQ is a sales force workflow automation app that can help in pharmaceuticals sales force automation. Sign up for a 14-day free trial now, and get access to a wide range of free apps by CloudApper.




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