How to avoid paying Gmail for extra storage?

Gmail has developed into a pivotal method for correspondence in our lives. On your Gmail account, pretty much everything about data can be saved. Gmail,
Google’s email administration, makes it simpler to get messages, yet it likewise makes it more straightforward to store significant information and much more.

Here is how to avoid paying Gmail for extra storage
Source: The Express Tribune

You can deal with the Gmail stockpiling with an interaction called Gmail arranging. This is the way to eliminate your Google record’s space:
The initial step is to save the pivotal messages. By tapping the Profile symbol, you can do this. Select “Deal with your Google Record” after that look down to the container marked “Download or erase your information” You can decide to just download Gmail information.
You can likewise download photographs, Chrome, Drive, and different information from other Google stages. Select “Subsequent stage” and your commodity recurrence in the wake of choosing the ideal information.
The excess settings can be modified as you would prefer.
You will get the envelope of downloaded messages in view of where you downloaded them. The downloaded envelope can then be moved to any work area.
To peruse the records, which are in the “.mbox documents” design, you should download a program like Mozilla Thunderbird.
You can erase the messages from your Gmail record to let loose space since you have a reinforcement of them. To ensure that you keep them, you can make numerous reinforcements.