How To Beat 9-Torg in High On Life
How To Beat 9-Torg in High On Life

How To Beat 9-Torg in High On Life

In the game of high on life, the 9-Torg is considered the very first player to encounter who is having the features of a bug-eyed crime cartel boss along with that it is part of the hilariously entertaining world of the High on life game.

the Gameplay is having the features of Bounty Hunter in the game space along with that 9-Torg is having the features of its first hit play and in this process, 9-Torg will Seek all the attempts for turning the entire localities human race into the drug supply for all the alien species in the game.

How To Beat 9-Torg in High On Life
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The player 9-Torg is considered a responsible challenging boss in the game for beating all the newcomers who are playing the game high on life along with testing all other player’s skills which are acquired by the user in the first couple of hours of the gaming and the introduction of slum level in the game.

The battle in the game the games very much easier when the player can use their unique and hilarious talking weapon abilities in the game along with that the player with the practice will be able to understand Boss attack patterns in the game.

The 9-Torg Is considered To have some weak spots in its predictable behavior and once the player can understand these points in the fight and its mark of the repeated round the player will be able to ace the game.

The process of beating 9-Torg in the game

In the high of life game, the battle starts when the 9-Torg is beginning the battle by shooting attacks as she can quickly move left and right in the game.

She started that with standard and the widespread spray of the blaster shot in the game and this blaster shot will be mostly continuously moving and hiding behind other level’s boxes before it can disintegrate in the game.

In the further battle progression, the player is also able to deliver the high-impact globe-style screen single shots which are slow-moving and can be easily avoided if the player can distance himself from 9-Torg other than attacking her from the Knifey.

In the further progression of the game, it is very much important to aim at the head of 9-Torg with the help of Kenny as it can take away a decent amount of health from the 9-Torg. The player will be also able to use their glob-shot attack in which the player will be able to ground 9-Torg and quickly swipe their knife while she is down or trying to juggle in the air after the glob-shot.