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How To Beat Spawn of Oggdo in Star Wars jedi: Survivor
A guide on Beating Spawn of Oggdo in Star Wars jedi: Survivor

If you are a Star Wars Jedi: Survivor player looking for ways to beat the challenging boss, Spawn of Oggdo, you have come to the right place. The Spawn of Oggdo is a feared boss, and players need to be ready to face this alien toad and his lethal abilities. In this guide, we will provide you with all the information and tips needed to defeat this boss.

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Finding the Spawn of Oggdo

To begin the fight with Spawn of Oggdo, players must travel to Fort Kah’lin, located in the upper right section of the planet Koboh. Here, players will encounter numerous raiders and droids, serving as an excellent challenge to test your readiness for the boss fight. After reaching the center of Fort Kah’lin, players will see a tower they can grapple towards. The platform contains B1 battle droids that players must eliminate before entering the boss’s lair. Clearing the platform is crucial as facing the boss while dodging the blaster bolts is challenging.

Spawn of Oggdo’s Attacks Spawn of Oggdo has several attacks that players must be aware of. The boss’s attacks mimic those of its predecessor, Oggdo Bogdo, but with more advanced and lethal techniques.

A list of the boss’s attacks and how to counter them:

  1. Bite Attack: Spawn of Oggdo’s bite attack is parryable. The boss follows this up with a second bite that players can also parry, leaving Spawn of Oggdo open for a hit or two.
  2. Unavoidable Lunge: Spawn of Oggdo’s most dangerous attack is an unblockable lunge, and players cannot parry this move. The best way to avoid it is by double-jumping over the attack.
  3. Belly Flop: This attack is devastating to players, and they can also be caught with the rubble that unleashes a shockwave that players must either dodge or jump over.
  4. Parry and Block-Immune Bite: Spawn of Oggdo has a bite that players cannot parry or block. This attack is quick, and players must be fast on their feet to sidestep it. Rolling is ineffective, and jumping will only make it easier for the boss to land a hit.
  5. Tongue Attack: Spawn of Oggdo’s deadliest move is the tongue attack, in which the boss throws out its tongue. Players must jump to the side to avoid touching the tongue. If a player’s toe is too close, the boss will pull them into its mouth, leading to instant death.
  6. Acid Attack: This move is one of the safest for players. The boss spews acid in a straight line, and players can get behind Spawn of Oggdo to avoid the acid and land some easy hits.
  7. Jump Attack: Spawn of Oggdo jumps upward, landing on its stomach and sending a wave of rubble around the arena. Players must jump when Spawn of Oggdo lands, and then flip forward to avoid the ring of rubble.

Best Lightsaber Stance

As a Jedi, players have several lightsaber stances to choose from, but for the Spawn of Oggdo fight, it’s best to pick either the Single lightsaber stance or the Dual wield lightsaber stance.

The single lightsaber stance is the most well-balanced in the game, with an effective set of blocks and parries, and decent damage per swing. It is the safest stance for new players and is always reliable for facing the many threats in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

The Dual wield stance is the most aggressive, with an emphasis on speed at the cost of defense. Players may not have the best block meter, it is ideal for striking between the Spawn of Oggdo’s moves.

Patience is key when fighting the Spawn of Oggdo. Players should avoid going on the offensive as the boss is aggressive and powerful. Instead, they should focus on learning its move set and finding the right opportunities to strike. They should also take advantage of the openings created by its parryable attacks and avoid getting hit by its unblockable ones. Players should also be mindful of their surroundings, as they can use the pillars in the room to their advantage by jumping on them to avoid the boss’s attacks.

In conclusion, defeating the Spawn of Oggdo in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor requires a combination of strategy, skill, and patience. Players must learn its move set, choose the right lightsaber stance, and avoid its powerful attacks while finding the right opportunities to strike. With these tips, players can successfully eradicate the Oggdo bloodline once and for all.