How to Blur a Video [A Free and Easy Tutorial]

We often record videos to capture precious, funny, and meaningful moments. But sometimes, we may capture some embarrassing moments unintentionally. And when we are recording someone else, people who were filmed may demand anonymity. In this case, it is better to blur parts of a video for privacy protection and distraction elimination. However, how to blur a video? Well, blurring videos is not that easy. Some video blur editors are difficult and tricky to operate. Lucky you are! This article will share how to blur videos on different devices. Head further to learn more!

How to Blur a Video on Windows

Suppose you’ve inadvertently captured someone that shouldn’t appear in your video clips, how to blur a face in a video on your Windows PC? Well, in this case, you need a powerful video blur editor to assist you. After trying a range of blur video editors in the market, we believe that WorkinTool VidClipper is multifunctional and reliable enough that enables you to blur a video. It allows users to blur the entire video, a portion of a video, and the background of a video with ease.

It also can pixelate, edit, convert, compress, split, combine, and remove watermarks from videos easily. In addition, it is a screen recorder and a voice extractor as well, providing a one-stop service for all users. What makes VidClipper immediately stand out from its competition is its free pricing. You don’t need to register an account or pay for an expensive subscription service to use it. WorkinTool main focus is providing an excellent user experience that makes its features applicable to everyone and very easy to use. 

WorkinTool Video Editor

Features in Use

Step 1: create a project in VidClipper

Open WorkinTool VidClipper and click New Project to enter the editing panel. Drag and drop to upload videos to the media. Then you can drag the materials you need to the timeline.

Step 2: add blur effects to the video

  • How to blur the entire video? 

Image 1

You just need to apply a video blur effect in the Special Effect menu, drag it to the timeline and adjust its length to match your video. 

  • How to blur parts of a video? 

Image 2


Click on the video material you added to the timeline. In the middle of the editing panel, you’ll see a Mosaic button. Press it, and you can begin to blur or pixelate the video. Click on Blur, then you can add your video blur effect in PIP mode, and you can drag the handles of its edge to resize it or put the cursor at the center of the blur and hold on to move it around. When all the thing is done, click OK to apply the video blur effect.

  • How to blur the background of a video? 

Image 3

Click on the video you added to the timeline. Then you’ll see an editing panel pops up. Set the background color as Blur, then drag the edges of the video to scale it down. A blurry background is generated.

Step 3: save the blurred video

After adding blur to video, you can optimize your work with other features in VidClipper, including adding special effects, transitions, animations, stickers, overlays, music, text, voice-over, and more. Click on Export to save your video in MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, MOV, or GIF format when you are satisfied with the edits.

How to Blur a Video on CapCut Online

CapCut is a free video editing program famous for its multiple features, including effects, audio, text, stickers, effects, transitions, and filters. Its main features are based on the mobile terminal, including the iOS and Android versions. But it has also designed an online version for users’ convenience. For those who don’t want to install an app on their phones, it is available to blur the entire video online as well. See how to make a video blurry entirely online using CapCut.

Image 4

Features in Use

Step 1: head to the CapCut website and click Get started for free.

Step 2: upload a video to the online version and drag it to the timeline.

Step 3: click Effects > Basic, select Blur and add it to the timeline.

Step 4: drag the effect length until it matches the original video.

Step 5: export the blurred video in MP4 or MOV format.

How to Blur a Video on iPhone

Unfortunately, the default Photos app on iPhone doesn’t feature video blurring. It only allows you to fine-tune the video color, adding filters, rotate, mirror, and transform videos instead of adding video blur effects. Therefore, you should download an app to blur videos. Luckily, CapCut is also applicable on iPhone. Different from its online version, which can only blur the entire video, its mobile version can also blur part of a video and the background of a video.

Image 5

Features in Use

Step 1: Open the CapCut application on your iPhone and insert a video to edit.

Step 2: blur background/parts of a video in CapCut.

  • To blur video background in CapCut.

To create a blurry background for your video, you need to hit Format at the bottom and choose an available aspect ratio. Then go to the Canvas menu next to Format, tap on the Blur option, and choose a blur level. After that, press the check mark to apply the blur effect.

  • To blur part of a video in CapCut.

After inserting a video to edit, open the Overlay menu and use Add overlay to add video again. Set the size of the overlay video the same as the main video. After that, open the Effects menu to add a blur effect to the main video. Then tap on the effect you add to open the Object menu and apply the blur effect to the overlay video from the main video. Then, reopen the Overlay menu again, tap on the overlay video, and open the Mask menu to select a mask. Finally, resize and reposition the mask so that you can blur a part of the video perfectly. After that, tap the check mark to apply the blur effect.

Step 3: Click on Export to download the blurred video.


We have introduced two free solutions to blur your videos. Both of them can add blur effects to the whole video, blur a part of a video, and create a blurry background for a video. The difference is that WorkinTool VidClipper is based on the Windows system and is easier to use. CapCut focuses on mobile terminals to make it more convenient for phone users. But it isn’t very easy to operate. Its online version is helpful for blurring the whole video but unavailable to achieve more blurry effects. 

Anyway, whether you are a Windows user or prefer to edit videos on iPhone, I believe you can find an ideal solution to add blur effects to your video. If you know how to blur a video now, pick the video blurring software that suits you most and start to make your brilliant videos!