How to Buy a Used Harley-Davidson


Anyone who wants to buy a Harley-Davidson and wants to save some cash has got some work ahead of them. It might be true that Harley-Davidson products not only depreciate slowly, but they also have one of the highest resale values of any motorcycle on the market.

Despite its legacy as a well-engineered, well-crafted, top-quality motorcycle, buying a used one isn’t always easy. Where a motorcycle is purchased from has a lot to do with what is purchased, which is why firms such as are so important.

How to Buy a Used Harley-Davidson

The first step in buying a good Harley-Davidson is to know something about the bike under consideration. That’s one of the most important reasons to rely on the reputation of the person you are buying from. If you are buying from a former owner, you don’t have much assurance that you are buying something other than their problems. This is not to say that they won’t give you a good deal, but you never know.

On the other hand, buying a user Harley-Davidson from a reputable dealer can give you certain assurances that you would not otherwise have. For example, most reputable dealers will check out a product before they try to sell it. This eliminates the problem of unhappy customers coming back [on top of giving them options to choose vehicles at American Motorcycle Trading Company].

Condition Assessment

The first thing to consider when it comes down to a particular motorcycle is to determine its condition. Try to find out things like how old the bike is, how the previous owner treated it when they owned it, whether the title is clean clean, and other information.

While you are determining the condition of a motorcycle, you should also look around to assess the general condition of other motorcycles owned. If other motorcycles appear to be in good condition, the chances are good that the one under your consideration is also in good shape. For example, are their oil leaks under any other motorcycles, are they clean, or are there other issues?

Start it Up

Next, you will want to determine how well the engine runs. First, turn it on. Remember that you need to give a Harley Davidson a chance to start after you turn the key. After a couple of seconds, the yellow light will go off, and it should start.

After you get the engine started, it should run without clicking or clattering sounds, which are indicators of faulty filters. Watch the exhaust too for white smoke, which is terrible news in a bike.

Take a Test Ride

Harley Davidson

Any owner who is interested in selling a motorcycle will allow you to take a test ride. Not allowing you a chance to take a test ride should not preclude you from buying a motorcycle since it is just a precaution, but it’s better to be able to ride it before you buy it. If you can give it a ride, check any performance issues while you are on the road.

After the Ride

When your test ride is over, make sure you give the motorcycle another once-over. This should include checking the oil. If the oil level is low, chances are good the previous owner wasn’t good about maintenance, which is another red flag.

Finally, check the registration and mileage. If all these things check out, chances are pretty good that you have a good buy on your hands. Buy it and enjoy it.