How to buy cryptocurrency through the app

Crypto money is the currency of the twenty-first century. The money is attracting the attention of potential financial supporters with a good chance of success in the future. As a result, it’s unsurprising that the younger generation is actively participating and putting their hard-earned money into cryptographic money. Cryptographic money is a digital payment system that does not rely on banks to verify transactions. It’s a distributed system that allows anybody to create and acknowledge magnates from anywhere. Cryptographic money instalments are improved upgrades to a web-based knowledge base that depict explicit transactions, rather than genuine tycoons carted around and traded in actuality. A lot of new people entering into the space.



How to buy sell and transfer cryptocurrency through the app


There are two ways to purchase cryptocurrency

  1. Link a debit or credit card and purchasing a cryptocurrency directly
  2. you can transfer money from your bank to your account and purchase cryptocurrency


the verification process can take anywhere from a few hours to few days and once you get approved you can begin


Method – 1 the transfer method


Step -1 once you are inside the app you are going to go ahead and click transfer deposit and click on fiat not crypto

Step -2 you’re going to set up your currency. there are two other ways you can deposit money into the account. it is either through ach or wire transfers.


Step -3 when you click on details it’s going to show you a routing number and an account number. Next, you need to log into your bank accounts website or app and then you’re going to transfer money from your account to this account which is your account.


Step -4 once it has arrived you can go ahead and transfer much more. It is safe to say it can take up to three to five days to arrive into account. The app is going to tell you that your funds have arrived.


Step – 5  Go ahead and click accounts. You will be able to see crypto wallet, crypto earn, crypto visa card and  fiat wallet as the appearing options.  your funds are going to arrive into the fiat wallet.


Step – 6 Click fiat wallet and then from your fiat wallet you’re going to click buy crypto


Step – 7 choose the cryptocurrency you want to buy.  For an instance, we will be buying some Bitcoin.


Step – 8 you’re going to click buy btc then it’s going to show you all the information just to confirm everything. Once you are satisfied click confirm.


Method -2 the card method


Step – 1 click on trade


Step – 2 click on buy and choose bitcoin then go to click add credit or debit card


Step -3 once you have added all the information you should be able to see your card within the menu


Step – 4 click buy btc, if you are going to use this method there is a three percent fee and that’s mainly due to having to pay processing fees to your card company and everything in the middle.