How to buy Decentraland

Decentraland is a virtual reality platform based on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to create, interact with, and monetise content and apps.

Decentraland is the first truly decentralised planet, with asset ownership regulated by Smart Contracts overseen by the DOA (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Users can participate in the DOA to vote on how the world functions, such as what kind of wearable things are permitted (or not), moderation of content, LAND policy and auctions, and so on.

To get non-fungible ERC721 LAND tokens in Decentraland, the MANA token must be burnt.

MANA is widely available, owing to the fact that it is listed on several platforms at the time of writing. Brokerage sites, exchanges, and popular crypto wallets such as Coinbase are examples of these platforms. However, the former is our recommended way of purchasing MANA, which may be accomplished through one of the top brokerage sites:

As previously stated, eToro functions as a brokerage site. The service is FCA-regulated, it allows desktop and mobile trading, the costs are really simple to understand, and you can even emulate skilled traders. What more could we want? Signing up for eToro takes only a few minutes as well.

Even though many people use the terms interchangeably, there is a major distinction between trading and purchasing MANA. Of fact, both actions entail the acquisition of the MANA token, but the manner in which they are carried out is unmistakably different. These major distinctions are clarified below:

Purchasing MANA is actually rather straightforward. You join up for a professional site, such as eToro, search for MANA through your selected investment product, and decide how much you want to buy. There isn’t much else to say about it. Typically, you will not be analysing charts and tracking price swings before to making a buy. Instead, you’ll make an investment according on how much you can afford or are comfortable with, and then hold MANA for a reasonable amount of time.

Trading is a highly specialised profession that people do for a livelihood, rather than only for financial objectives. Good traders may also make a lot of money in the crypto markets, particularly with relatively young and promising currencies like MANA. Trading MANA, on the other hand, may be time intensive since you must always keep your finger on the pulse and be ready to respond immediately. Some people will make many deals in a single day or week, and you must know what you’re doing to prevent getting burnt.