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How to buy more storage on iPhone

One the most annoying moments in the life of any individual can be when you run out of storage right before an important shot or trying to download an important pdf with minutes away from a final call. Frustrating, isn’t it?

iPhones are no away from this issue. iPhones to tend to lose their storage when the users put in a lot of heavy apps and files.


If you are looking for upgrading or expanding or buying more storage on your Apple device then it is quite sad to announce that its is impossible. You cannot expand or buy the iPhone storage, unless and until you decide to discard your old handset and buy a brand new one.


However, wish to expand the storage isn’t a dead-end road. You cannot definitely expand the iPhone storage; however, you can definitely expand your iCloud storage. As a default, when you buy the iPhone, you get 5GB storage of Apple iCloud Service. But in today’s modern and digital world, this little piece of storage cannot do much and thus, you definitely need to buy more.


Apple definitely offers you a range of plans with different storage capacity and the price to own it. Presently, it is offering Four plans of storage.


Let’s discuss the steps to increase your iCloud storage.


The steps are not complicated once and can be done with a snap of finger.


Step-1 Navigate to the “settings” app on your iPhone and then select your name on the top of screen.


Step-2 On the appearing screen, Select the “iCloud” option and then select the “manage storage” toggle. If you own a version older than iOS 10.2 or same, you will have to seek for “storage” option.


Following are the plans available on iCloud, you can choose from them, which suits your requirements perfectly.


Storage space Price of the plan
50 GB $0.99/MONTH
200 GB $2.99/MONTH
2 TB $9.99/MONTH


5 GB Plan: This plan is the free and the most basic once. It comes as a default plan in your new iPhone whenever you buy it. If you realise at some point of time that your paid plan is more than what you require you can always go back to this plan.


50 GB: This plan is larger than the default ones and is capable of backing up both an iPad and an iPhone. Thus, you won’t have to worry much about the storage space.


200 GB: This plan costs $2.99 to user for every month. The plan is suitable to be shared with the family members using iPhones.


2TB: This enormous plan can cost $9.99 every month to user and is also capable to be shared with family.




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