iPhone name
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How to change device name on iPhone?

iPhone name

Do you know what an iPhone is? Yes, very stupid question, I apologise! Everyone knows what an iPhone is because it is one of most popular smartphones to have ever launched in the history of mankind.

Everyone loves their expensive iPhones and there are a ton of features that keep coming with every software update that you might or might not be aware of. However, today we will not be talking about a specific complex feature but a very simple option that many of you might not be aware of and that is to change your device name on iPhone.

I bet that most of you who try to navigate for this option a bit in the settings will probably find it but if you are new iPhone user, someone who has never touched or seen an iPhone ever before, this article can help you change your device name on iPhone.

How to change device name on iPhone?

Well, I will try and tell you about the step-by-step process to change your iPhone’s name, so that it becomes easily identified when you want to receive Airdrop pictures from your friends and family.

  1. Buy an iPhone – just kidding.
  2. Open Settings
  3. Click on General
  4. Go to About
  5. The first option you will see is “Name”
  6. You will see the current name of your iPhone
  7. Tap on Name to edit
  8. Rename your iPhone to whatever name you like
  9. Click on Done
  10. Voila! You have successfully updated your device name on iPhone.

Having a proper name on your device is a helpful thing because there have been times when I am with my friends, and they wish to Airdrop me the event pictures but all they can see on their device is ‘iPhone’. Now, in a room full of people, there can be several iPhone users, how do you know that the one popping up on the screen is yours?

Exactly, if you have your device name on iPhone set as ‘Paul’s iPhone’ for instance, it will be so easy to identify your device in a room full of people with iPhones.

I wonder if this has only happened with me or has it happened with more people. If you are one of them, do share your stories with us and it is high time that your update your device name from just iPhone to something unique.